A Beginners Guide to a Hawaii Vacation

A Beginners Guide to a Hawaii Vacation

A Beginners Guide to a Hawaii Vacation

Whether it was the recent news of new airline routes that are projected to drop flight costs or the fact that summer is right around the corner, you have finally decided to plan that Hawaii vacation that you have been dreaming about. Now what?

From finding a launching pad for all your island adventures to finding things to do in West Maui, putting together a vacation can be a stressful experience. The good news? It doesn’t have to be! If this is your first time planning a tropical holiday to Maui, Hawaii or you are simply looking for a refresher, we have some things to keep in mind.

Booking Your Flight

While you are sure to enjoy your time in paradise at any point in the year, there are certain times to keep in mind as they fit certain needs better than others. During the holidays and into early spring, for instance, is one of the peak seasons that brings a lot of visitors looking to warm up from the chilly winter. And with the cool ocean water and clear blue skies, of course, the summertime is another popular time to book a vacation to Hawaii and is a favorite among traveling families.

If you are looking to fully take advantage of the island, we suggest exploring the times in between those peak seasons. Not only will activities be less crowded, but if you are traveling to Hawaii on a budget the offseason is the best time to find more affordable flights.

Finding the Best Place to Stay

Whether you are planning for a honeymoon escape, a kid-friendly place to stay, or something like 3 bedroom lodging to accommodate a large group, Maui has a number of vacation getaways to choose from. Stuck trying to figure out the difference between a resort and a hotel? Spacious living spaces and a list of convenient amenities are among just a few reasons to stay at a Hawaii vacation rental resort like Kahana Village. And really, the only thing you should be contemplating when looking for the best place to stay is just how close to the beach you can get!

Creating a Memorable Travel Itinerary

Lounging in the warm Hawaiian sunshine and playing in the gently crashing waves are given part of a holiday but if you are looking to make your Hawaii vacation unforgettable, you want to be sure to add a few exciting Maui activities to your agenda. From whale watching to wandering around Lahaina town and all the unique things to do in between, the possibilities are seemingly endless so you are sure to find something that appeals to each member of your party!

And if you are still on the fence about your Maui vacation, check out our live oceanfront webcam to get a peek at what you are missing!


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