Top 10 Things to do on Maui in Summer During Your Hawaii Vacation

Top 10 Things to do on Maui in Summer During Your Hawaii Vacation

Top 10 Things to do on Maui in Summer During Your Hawaii Vacation

Maui, of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, is the place to be during the summer season. If you are craving to feel the refreshing sea water, the warm Hawaiian sun and the ocean breeze kissing your skin, then Maui is the perfect vacation destination for you. Apart from the relaxing waters, sumptuous food and drink along the amazing hospitality of Hawaii residents, a wide variety of Maui activities await those who are looking for a mix of pleasure and adventure during their vacation this summer.

1. Get a Taste of Old Hawaii with a Luau

One unforgettable way of welcoming the nightlife in Maui is by joining some of the finest Hawaiian luau parties the island has to offer. Some of the most prestigious hotels in Hawaii host their own unique version of luaus that offer the guests a glimpse into the unique history and tradition of Old Hawaii. The list includes the Kaanapali Beach Hotel, Royal Lahaina Resort, Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa, and much more! Enjoy Polynesian music, dances, crafts, and stories will fill your evening, and the taste of ono (delicious) meals will fill your belly.

2. Plantation and Farm Tours

Apart from the stunning coastlines and cool waters of Maui, the island also boasts a number of farms and plantations showcasing various tropical flowers, plants, vegetables, and fruits. These farms include the Alii Kula Lavender Farm, Maui Tropical Plantation, Oo Farm, Hana Ranch, and more. Aside from experiencing life on a farm for a day, you can also taste or bring home some of the food and products that these farms have to offer.

3. Snorkeling

Of course, one of the activities that your Hawaii itinerary should have is snorkeling! And Maui has a selection of the best snorkeling beaches where you and your family can enjoy soaking under the sun and experience swimming with fishes. Kaanapali Beach, Honolua Bay, Molokini Crater, Kapalua Bay, and the Ahihi Kinua Reserve are some of the most visited spots around the island when it comes to snorkeling. These areas have calm and clean waters and are brimming with marine life which will surely make your snorkeling experience unforgettable.

4. Fishing

One of the primary livelihoods in Maui is fishing. This tropical island is surrounded by clean waters filled with a variety of fishes and other marine creatures. If you are looking for the best spots to go fishing in, Maui has lots of locations that you can sail towards to catch some fish.

In fact, during the summer season, fishing enthusiasts get to have a high chance of catching large game fishes, such as blue marlin and yellowfin tuna. But it’s best that you book your fishing charter in advance since the months of June to August are the peak season for tourists to flock the island.

5. Restaurant Hopping

Love seafood? Well, Maui is the perfect place to grab some fresh and delicious food that the waters of Hawaii can provide. Because fishing is one of the primary sources of food and income in the island, a lot of Maui restaurants take this opportunity to provide their customers with food made with nothing but the freshest of ingredients. Whether you enjoy some sushi, home cooked meals, high-end cuisine, or some tasty food trucks, you will surely find something to suit your taste with the top best restaurants in Maui, Hawaii.

6. Cocktail Cruises

Feel like cruising the waters of Maui? Then bring your significant other with you and sail away towards the sunset while sipping on some cocktails and munching on some handcrafted snacks. Maui offers one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Enjoy watching this natural scenery and viewing the beach fronts of Lanai, Molokai, and Kahoolawe while on board a boat, with various tour companies in Maui providing this experience.

7. Hiking

One of the best Maui adventures you’ll never forget having is experiencing some of the epic hiking trails in Maui. If you feel like looking for some of the marvelous waterfalls in the island, as well as climbing rocky terrains, then swimming and cliff jumping, then you shouldn’t leave the island without having tried this adventure. Some of the most popular hiking spots on the island include the trails of Hoapili, Piilani, Waihee Ridge and Mahana Ridge. Looking to stay close to your Maui beachfront vacation rental? There are a number of places to hike in West Maui to check out during your stay!

8. Mermaid Lessons

Whether you are a kid or a kid at heart who has always had a fascination for the beautiful and mythical creatures of the deep, then this mermaid swimming lesson will definitely suit you. Have you always dreamt of swimming in the ocean using your own colorful tail? Then you should check out Hawaii Mermaid Adventures and Maui Island Mermaids as these companies will surely make swimming lessons more exciting for the little mermaid in you.

9. Cultural Tours

The island of Maui is rich in tradition, culture, adventure, and fun. And wherever on the island you may go, you will always find something that the Hawaiians can connect to their history. And if you are a history buff who would like to learn more about the fascinating stories of the olden times in Maui, then you will definitely enjoy the various cultural tours available on the island. There are many historic locations to visit such as Haleakala National Park, Iao Valley State Monument, Lahaina Historic Trail and many more.

10. Summer Festivals

The months of June, July and August are definitely the busiest months in Hawaii. Because apart from these months being the summer season, the Hawaiians also host a number of festivities from the start of summer until before the end of the season. The island festivals that you might get to enjoy in Maui include the Maui Jim OceanFest, Kapalua Food & Wine Festival, King Kamehameha Day, Annual Makawao Parade and Rodeo, Lanaʻi Pineapple Festival, and many more!

So if you’d like to make the most of your summer holiday in Maui, feel free to indulge yourself in some of these activities and be a part of the island during your stay. And if you are looking for the perfect home that you and your loved ones can rent and stay in during summer, book Kahana Village online today and feel at home here in the island of Maui.


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