Top Three Unique Things To Do On Maui

Top Three Unique Things To Do On Maui

Top Three Unique Things To Do On Maui

While basking in the warm Hawaiian sun sounds like bliss, there is more to Hawaii than the famous white sand beaches. For those looking to get to know Maui from a different perspective than the typical vacation itinerary, we have a special insider’s look. So as you lounge poolside with your favorite read, relaxed but a bit bored, we invite you to check out our top three unique things to do!

Dive with Sharks

Among the usual water activities like snorkeling and whale watches, the Maui Ocean Center is home to Hawaii’s largest aquarium and one of the more breathtaking experiences on the island. Shark Dive Maui allows certified scuba divers to hop inside the aquarium’s 750,000-gallon tank and swim alongside six species of sharks. Your family and friends can even wave to you from the other side of the glass!

Explore Tropical Upcountry Maui

Venture from your West Maui vacation rental and make your way up the slopes of Haleakala to experience the lush, dramatic greenscape. Not up for the long drive? Akina Tours & Transportation offers an exclusive Upcountry Tropical Farm Tour that takes you from the carefully tended botanical gardens to specialty farms and wraps up in the historic Makawao town. Wander around the boutique shops and find yourself at the Haku Maui lei making studio where you can create your very own haku lei. You could even discover island gold with their Maui pineapple tour!

Become a Real Life Mermaid

While snorkeling and scuba adventures offer you the chance to glimpse at what lies beneath the ocean surface, Hawaii Mermaid Adventures provides the opportunity to experience a whole new world! Simply choose from one of their stylish mermaid tails and get to know Hawaii’s native marine life in the most unique way. Tours begin at 7:30 am from convenient locations in either South or West Maui and channel your inner mermaid!

The list could go on and on but one of the best parts of discovering a new place is the mystery, so we will leave the rest of the unique things to do in Maui for you to uncover. And if you are looking to experience a different Hawaii activity, wander to our weekly mai tai party or lei making class!


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