Where to Stay In Maui For Your Honeymoon

Where to Stay In Maui For Your Honeymoon

Where to Stay In Maui For Your Honeymoon

From walking down the aisle sprinkled in flower petals towards the love of your life to wiping the playfully smeared cake frosting from your cheek, you might be feeling that the fairytale magic ends when your wedding day does. But before the clock strikes midnight, we invite you to enjoy cloud nine just a little longer on a honeymoon vacation to Maui, Hawaii.

With endless opportunities for relaxation and the dramatic, tropical backdrops, there really is no question that a Hawaii vacation is one of the best ways for couples to celebrate their love. And with an overwhelming amount of options in Maui lodging, you might be wondering where the best place to stay is for your honeymoon?

If you are looking for a honeymoon vacation getaway that is just as unique as your relationship, then here are some things to consider.

Time of Year

It might come as a little surprise that there are actually times during the year that are best for honeymooning couples specifically. While the summer and winter seasons are the most popular times for a family holiday, romance-seekers looking to experience Hawaii in a peaceful bliss might want to consider booking in the offseason. With the lack of crowds paired with sunny and warm weather dominating the forecast, the weeks between late March and May along with September to early October are the best times of year for a Maui honeymoon!


Luxury or affordable? Resort vs Hotel? Whether to be near all the exciting things to do in Hawaii or opt for something more secluded? When it comes to lodging in Maui, the options are seemingly endless. And while there are other places to stay in paradise, West Maui is the place you want to be for an unforgettable Hawaii vacation. With beachside streets lined with local good eats and shops along with an abundance of once-in-a-lifetime activities and long stretches of white sandy shores, this part of the island really is the perfect area to experience together.


Still shopping around for an island home away from home and are looking for reasons to stay at a Hawaii resort over a hotel? Well, make sure to book with a Maui vacation rental that comes with everything you need and more!  Whether it is a fully equipped kitchen or a beachfront pool (or both!), if you are looking to get the most out of your stay then luxury amenities should be at the top of your search criteria.

And if you are one of those couples who want a convenient place to stay but with the privacy to enjoy the quiet moments together, look no further than Kahana Village Vacation Rentals! Whether you are hoping to drift asleep to crashing waves or lounge on the white sands in the warm Hawaiian sunshine, you might be wondering just how close to the beach can you get with condo rental. With our spacious oceanfront 2 bedroom condo for rent nestled 40 to 150 feet away from where the waves gently kiss the shore, you can easily make those romantic sunset strolls along the beach a reality!

We at Kahana Village aim to make your stay in Hawaii as relaxing and as comfortable as possible, especially for those celebrating the start of their lives together! Which is why each of our beachfront condo rentals come with a lengthy list of resort amenities that range from modern conveniences to island experiences. But don’t take our word for it! If you are looking where to stay in Maui for your honeymoon, book online today and experience paradise together.


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