How To Travel To Hawaii During The Holidays

How To Travel To Hawaii During The Holidays

How To Travel To Hawaii During The Holidays

From the lengthy security lines to the endless flight delays, everyone can agree that traveling during the holidays isn’t exactly a walk in the park (or stroll on the beach). And those not-so-merry meltdowns are not quite synonymous with that relaxing Hawaii vacation that you have planning for this winter season.

But don’t let the travel obstacles get you down during this jolly time, we have some tips that should help you start your vacation stress-free!

Pack Less

Between delayed flights and the layovers, nothing puts a dent on your Maui vacation experience than lost luggage. Packing as light as possible can help you keep an eye on your items and ensures that searching for your misplaced baggage doesn’t take place of your Hawaii explorations!

So how do you pack for Hawaii? Kahana Village’s resort amenities comes with almost everything you could need during your stay, so start with the basics and plan to do some laundry in our in-unit washer and dryer! And if you are bringing gifts with you, any holiday pro will tell you to not wrap them. TSA has opened wrapped presents in the past and can cause a holdup at the baggage claim!

Travel Early

Whether you are a frequent flier or an airport newbie, it should come to no surprise that you should arrive early. Sprinting to the departing gate is incredibly stressful and for the most part can be completely avoidable. And if you are still in the booking stage of your vacation, try to get one of the first flights out. Statistically, traveling earlier in the day can decrease chances of delays as morning flights typically have better on-time performance.

And if you need something to do while waiting at the gate, why not get to know the Valley Isle a little better with our Maui travel guide?

Plan Less

One of the best ways to making your Hawaii vacation unforgettable is to surprise yourself! Sticking to a strict agenda can create some unnecessary stress and lead to a less than exciting experience. Beyond the travel arrangements and picking the best place to stay in West Maui, leave some room in your itinerary and let Hawaii happen!

Slow Down

And on a similar note, while the island is full of exciting things to do you are sure to find yourself exhausted by the end of your stay if you keep a packed calendar. Slow down and give yourself time to relax as well as enjoy your surroundings. You are in paradise after all!

Travel can be a stressful experience, especially during the holiday season but thankfully it doesn’t have to be. We hope that you enjoy this special time with your loved ones and we can’t wait until you are lounging on the warm Hawaiian sand!


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