New Airline Routes Projected to Drop Flight Costs

New Airline Routes Projected to Drop Flight Costs

New Airline Routes Projected to Drop Flight Costs

Between the government shutdown and the flurry of cold fronts, if you have been looking for a sign that 2019 is the year to take that Hawaii vacation you have been dreaming about we are here with good news. Southwest airlines have teased the idea of service from the mainland United States to the Hawaiian Islands for some time now and with a successful test flight from Oakland International Airport to Honolulu, we are excited to see this announcement is coming to fruition! And with new routes coming to the market soon, the Bay Area is already seeing a drop in Hawaii airfare.

Launching from Northern California earlier this month, a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 landed safely in Honolulu and was greeted by the employees that are already on the ground in Oahu with lei in hand.

Route pairings and future sales will be announced by Southwest Airlines once it receives federal approval to kick off flights in Hawaii. And what is even more exciting is that travelers won’t have to wait several months before taking advantage of the new option in airline. Southwest is currently targeting a faster timetable to launch Hawaii routes within weeks of receiving Extended-Range Twin-Engine Operational Performance Standards (ETOPS ) authorization.

So where will you be seeing Southwest in Hawaii? The airline plans to service flights from four California airports (Oakland, San Diego, San Jose, and Sacramento) to the following cities in Hawaii:

And what makes it even better for both Hawaii residents and visitors alike is that Southwest will also be offering interisland flights! If the appearance of a new airline choice results in a similar drop in prices, then experiencing more than one island while on vacation is more than a possibility.

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