Resort vs Hotel Travel Tip. What's the Difference?

Resort vs Hotel Travel Tip. What’s the Difference?

Resort vs Hotel Travel Tip. What’s the Difference?

Flights? Check. Car? Check. Time off approved? Check. Home away from home? Cue internal screaming. Planning a vacation to Hawaii and ended up stumped on a place to stay? With the astonishing amount of Maui getaway options available, it is relatively easy to get overwhelmed on your late night Google search. Stuck frustrated with questions like, “where to stay?” or “what is the difference between a hotel and a resort?”  Before the hair pulling starts, we suggest you read on as we will be answering these questions. Kick back, relax, and get to dreaming of your soon-to-be Hawaiian vacation!

Choosing between Maui destinations might seem vexing with all the stunning and unique places the island offers, but the west side truly features a premier vacation experience. With the large variety of popular activities that ranges from water sports to land recreation as well as the close proximity to charming shops and delicious eateries, this area is a covetable location to create memories for locals and visitors alike.  As the unofficial “vacation capital” of the island, the west side showcases both hotels and resorts that line the white sand coast. So, what is the actual difference between the two? This question tends to enter the back of vacationer’s minds as they are aimlessly clicking through one sun-kissed retreat to the next. Other than the price, what really sets the seemingly similar lodging options apart is the location, along with the amenities and services provided on-site.

Both hotels and resorts can be found in West Maui, but resorts are typically located in the midst of picturesque surroundings and hotels will be near main roads as well as major destinations like an airport. Hotels also stretch over just enough land for their buildings and a parking lot, while resorts tend to span over a substantial amount of property. The large grounds that resorts typically boast invite guests to lounge and relax amongst the lush environment that hugs the area. This extra resort land also provides the perfect space for fun, guest-only activities like a weekly Mai Tai Party.

Services and Amenities
Hotels primarily serve on-the-move guests, providing only basic necessities like a bed, bathroom, and simple necessities to a weary traveler.  Free access to wifi and room service is also fairly common at a hotel visit, creating a break from the hustle and bustle. Comfort and luxury can typically be found amongst resorts, with a little extra. In the effort to create a home-away-from-home that encourages guest to completely unwind and escape reality, resorts are typically designed around rejuvenation. Multiple rooms as well as a fully equipped kitchen and living space are standard within resorts, offering everything a vacationer would need.

Now if you are still wondering where to stay for your vacation to Maui, we get it! Talk about information overload, but let us make this even easier! Just past Kaanapali, nestled on the green slopes of the West Maui Mountains lies the ideal vacation residence for you and your crew. Kahana Village is a unique rental complex that highlights the best of both a hotel and a resort with unbelievable accommodations and amenities amongst stunning backdrops! Spacious 2 and 3 bedroom oceanfront villas feature separate living areas and fully equipped kitchens, allowing a number of guests to comfortably share meals together with crashing waves in the background. Enjoy complete relaxation while lounging on either the large, shaded lanai that each condo comes with or pool side, watching the sun kiss the horizon. Check out our rentals deals and skip the stress, find your home away from home in our Maui vacation condo villas. See you soon!


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