Top Tips to Making Your Hawaii Vacation Unforgettable

Top Tips to Making Your Hawaii Vacation Unforgettable

Top Tips to Making Your Hawaii Vacation Unforgettable

From drifting into a lazy afternoon nap to the sound of gently crashing waves to getting a taste of Maui’s good eats and the exciting island adventures in between, there is sure to be a handful of memories from your most recent Hawaii vacation that leaves a sweet smile on your lips. We tend to remember our travels better than everyday life and here at Kahana Village, we have a few tips to help you make sure that your Maui memories are unforgettable!

Soak It In
Whether it is the warm hug of Hawaiian sunshine or the lively conversation over mai tais, take a few moments to let it all settle in. Observe as well as engage with your surroundings with each of your senses.

Stay Safe
While the island of Maui is quite urbanized in some areas, part of the charm of Hawaii is the wild nature. With that in mind, we encourage you to remember that nature can be as unpredictable as it is beautiful. Your safety is our number one priority and as part of our Kahana Village ohana, we want you to get the most of your Hawaii vacation. So make sure to heed cautions and be prepared!

Surprise Yourself
The best part of visiting a new place, or revisiting your favorite place, is actually getting to experience it. While you want to make travel plans and reserve the best place to stay in West Maui, leave some breathing room in your itinerary for some spontaneous adventures. Often the ones that happen last minute are the ones we remember the best!

Ask For Suggestions
While reviews from other fellow visitors are helpful to get an idea of things to do in Maui, no one quite knows the Valley Isle as well as the locals! From sights to see to local eats, the residents here are more than happy to share experiences that you might not find in the tour guides.

Try Something New
Sunkissed cheeks from basking in the sun paired with sandy toes sound almost blissful but we encourage you to venture from the white sand beaches if only for a moment and get to know the island from a different perspective. Discover island gold on a Maui pineapple tour or maybe fly above the coastline on the best zipline, the possibilities are almost endless!

Remember to Rest
There is a lot to see and a lot to do but in order to thoroughly enjoy each activity, it is necessary to slow down and rest. Whether it is settling in for a good night’s sleep or reading a good book near the pool, making sure that you are getting enough rest while on vacation will keep you from feeling burnt out. And just in case you need some tips on sleeping better while on a Maui vacation, we got you covered!

Document It
It almost goes without saying that the best way to remember your stay is to document it! A photograph is worth a thousand words, so there is really no reason that you shouldn’t snap a picture of your experience. Word of caution for those who tend to get caught up with technology, just make sure that you actually take the time to enjoy the moment that you will later be reminiscing over!

Send A Postcard
For those looking for a fun way to flashback to your vacation when the sand has been dusted out of your suitcase and stored away until next time, why not send a postcard? Not only can you choose a unique card to capture your vacation spot but you can write down exactly what you are feeling at that moment. Plus, who doesn’t love getting mail these days!

We hope that you enjoy each and every second of your time here on Maui. And most of all, we hope that you remember it all!


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