Top Hawaii Travel Tips For Senior Travelers

Top Hawaii Travel Tips For Senior Travelers

Top Hawaii Travel Tips For Senior Travelers

The balmy Hawaiian air and crystal clear waters gently kissing the shoreline are among the many reasons why Maui is among the top vacation getaway destinations. And now that the children have grown into lives of their own and your retirement papers have been filed, what really is stopping you from finally taking that trip to paradise? Whether you are looking for the best way to spend your newfound free time or simply looking to escape the winter chill and relax underneath the warm sunshine, check out our top travel tips for senior travelers!

Look For Direct Flights

Let’s face it, layovers are the worst. And depending on where you are traveling from, the amount of time spent in uncomfortable airport seats and confined within an aircraft can really wear you down. If you are planning on flying to Hawaii this year, we suggest looking for the most direct route that you can find. Nonstop flights can be a bit more costly than multiple stops, but ultimately that investment may be worth it. Especially if you want to enjoy each moment of your stay without being hindered by jet lag!

Pack Light For Hawaii

The time spent traveling to your end destination can be exhausting but you definitely don’t want to be bogged down by an excessive amount of luggage. As part of our resort amenities, our 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom oceanfront condos for rent are outfitted with a washer and dryer, so this is something you should consider if you are wondering what to pack for your vacation. We also throw in a welcome kit that features a lot of the necessities you would need to feel right at home!

Plan And Manage Medications

If you require medication, it is very important to consult both your doctor and the pharmacy about getting a supply that will last the duration of the trip. And should your medication require refrigeration, our beachfront vacation rentals come with a fully equipped kitchen for your convenience!

Bring Along a Companion

Things are always better with company so if you are planning on a Hawaii vacation getaway, why not ask someone or a handful of people to come along with you. You could even make it a memorable family vacation! With more than enough space for up to 6-8 guests, we always say the more the merrier! Plus this will help ensure that your needs are fully being met and you are comfortable navigating around an unfamiliar place.

Traveling can be a hassle but with the right preparations, it can be a cool ocean breeze! Here at Kahana Village, we want nothing more than for you to make your stay unforgettable. So keep these tips in mind and we will see you in paradise!


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