Ultimate Hawaii Packing List - Tips on What to Pack for Your Vacation

Ultimate Hawaii Packing List – Tips on What to Pack for Your Vacation

Ultimate Hawaii Packing List – Tips on What to Pack for Your Vacation

Whether you have always dreamed of those swaying coconut palms or you have seen our top reasons why you should plan a Hawaii vacation, if you are finally taking that Maui getaway then your vacation responder has been switched on and all you have left before you board the plane is the dreaded packing.

Surviving the Hawaii vacation countdown may seem unlikely but if you are wondering what to pack for your trip to Hawaii, we suggest checking out our ultimate vacation packing guide for smooth traveling!

The Reason Behind The Trip

When choosing what of your belongings to bring, it is important to remember the reason behind your trip. Is it personal, business, or some combination of both? Establishing why you are coming to Hawaii will help you determine the type of clothing and miscellaneous items to bring with you.

Picking Out Your Luggage

Just because you are leaving home for a significant amount of time does not mean that you need to bring your whole household with you. A simple check-in suitcase and a duffle bag will do for most trips, so a pile of suitcases might not be necessary for your upcoming Maui vacation. As your oceanfront home away from home, these 2 to 3 bedroom condos for rent come equipped with resort amenities that offer almost everything you could need during your stay. So, avoid the extra hassle (and the baggage fees) and keep it to just the essentials.

Having a hard time choosing the type of luggage to bring along with you? If you are stuck between using a hard-shelled or soft suitcase to bring all of your necessities, then there are a few things to keep in mind. While they limit the stuff you can put in it, hard-shelled suitcases are more durable than soft meaning that it will offer more protection for your belongings. The biggest advantage of soft bags is the external pockets and in addition to being lighter, soft suitcases also have expansion capabilities that could come in handy for those gifts from Maui you may be bringing back. Whatever you end up choosing, it is important to keep in mind the size of the suitcase in addition to its features. Opt for one that fits the length of your trip without leaving room for you to stuff unnecessarily (potentially heavy) items.

Get Your Things Organized

Once you have settled on the type of luggage, the next thing you will want to do is organize your stuff.

We suggest laying your things out, in groups if possible, before putting it into your suitcase. This is not only great for better travel but it makes it a lot easier to pack along with seeing what you need.

Packing organizers are a helpful resource to combine multiple layers and keep everything reachable, in addition to making more space.

Packing Your Clothes – Coordinate By Colors

It should come to no surprise that your clothing will most likely occupy the majority portion of your luggage space. At the risk of being repetitive, we would like to remind you to select the items that you need and plan on actually wearing. This means skipping the single-wear and high maintenance clothing items! Since these beachfront vacation rentals come equipped with a washer and dryer, choose clothes that you can wear a number of times with different combinations and are machine washable. And you should have comfort in mind, especially when it comes to undergarments and shoes!

You should always pack your clothing in pairs that coordinate with each other. And the more combinations that you can mix and match to create different looks, the better! Another way to keep the amount of clothing you bring on the lower end of the scale, be sure to mix up your outfits with fun accessories like sunglasses, hats, and scarves! When it comes to actually packing, rolling your clothes tightly makes maximizing your suitcase space a lot easier and also prevents wrinkles.

Storing Your Personal Items And Gadgets

Along with your check-in and carry-on, get a personal item bag that you can keep with you where you can safely store your more important stuff. This includes your technology items, useful travel essentials, travel documents, and credit cards!

Ready-To-Go Health Kit

While our West Maui vacation rentals are conveniently located close to stores where you can get any incidentals and we try to keep your vacation getaway well-stocked, you never really know what could happen while you are adventuring around. It doesn’t hurt to keep an on-the-go health kit that includes things like band-aids, antiseptic solution, essential ointments, and common tablets!

Traveling can be stressful but with this Hawaii vacation packing guide, you are sure to be enjoying mai tais on the beach sooner than you know it! You have checked in for your flight, the West Maui lodging has been made, and the bags have finally been zipped so we will be seeing you beachside shortly. Looking forward to your stay, aloha!


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