Celebrate Maui’s Artisans in the 47th Annual Seabury Hall Craft Fair

Celebrate Maui’s Artisans in the 47th Annual Seabury Hall Craft Fair

Celebrate Maui’s Artisans in the 47th Annual Seabury Hall Craft Fair

Please Note: Due to recent events, it is possible that this Maui event has been either postponed or canceled.  If you are interested in attending this Maui event, please refer to the Seabury Hall Craft Fair information page for further updates in schedule changes prior to making the arrangements to attend. 

Hawaii has served as a hub to many artistic individuals — from painters and woodworkers to crafters and local musicians. Various Maui events are hosted annually by different businesses and organizations as a way of supporting the growing community of artists in the island. And if you are looking for a craft event to enjoy during your spring Maui vacation, we invite you to venture from your oceanfront vacation rental and check out the 47th Annual Seabury Hall Craft Fair on May 9, 2020.

Hosted by the Seabury Hall community, this annual Upcountry Maui event aims to showcase the skills and products of more than 100 local artisans by providing live entertainment, arts, crafts, rummage and plant sales, delicious food, fun keiki activities, a silent auction and more. Pay only $5 for admission, with free entry for children 12 years old and under.

A Day of Local Maui Crafts for a Cause

For more than four decades the Seabury Hall Craft Fair has become a much-awaited event for the hundreds of artisans in Maui. This has become a venue for these crafters to share their products and artistry with both residents and visitors. But apart from exhibiting a large selection of artisan creations, this annual craft fair has also supported Seabury Hall’s financial aid program.

This made it possible for Seabury Hall to support deserving students by providing them with an opportunity for high-quality college preparatory education. The craft fair also helps Seabury Hall establish a well-qualified student body that reflects Maui’s social and economic diversity. In fact, according to the school head, Maureen Madden, Seabury Hall was able to provide financial aid to a quarter of its student body last year.

A Great Pre-Mother’s Day Event to Enjoy

Scheduled a day before Mother’s Day, this is the perfect weekend event to go to with your mom, wife or grandmother. With lots of events and things to see, this is the perfect way to welcome Mother’s day with your family and loved ones. With so many arts and crafts available on sale, this can also be a great place to hunt for the perfect gift for your mother and all the mothers in your life. With live music, rummage sale, craft and food booths, keiki activities, and silent auction, you will have a lot of things to enjoy throughout the day.

Donations for Craft Fair Rummage Sale Accepted

Looking for a way to give back to the people of Maui? Then why not donate for the Seabury Hall Craft Fair’s rummage sale and auction? With your donation, you can support Seabury Hall’s financial aid program and help economically-challenged students gain a quality education. Apart from donating merchandise for the craft fair, you can also send in gift certificates to support Seabury Hall and its financial aid program for students.

So if you are visiting Hawaii this spring and are looking for unique things to do in Maui, the Annual Seabury Hall Craft Fair is the event to go to on May 9th. Eat, have fun, and immerse yourself in crafts and sales, all for a good cause.


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