Top Maui Family Vacation Travel Tips That Will Help Keep Everyone Sane

Top Maui Family Vacation Travel Tips That Will Help Keep Everyone Sane

Top Maui Family Vacation Travel Tips That Will Help Keep Everyone Sane

Bringing the whole family on any trip can be quite daunting for most people. This is especially true for new parents who will be traveling with babies and small children for the first time. But this is one of the many experiences that are worth having as it can help shape your kids’ growth and perception of their world. Whether you’re a first-time parent or a seasoned family vacation planner who is also thinking about taking a break and relaxing in a tropical destination, Maui is definitely a great choice! To help you and your family get to this paradise with little or no stress, here are some helpful tips.

Rent a Vacation Villa or House vs a Hotel

There are a lot of different hotels in Maui, depending on your budget and preferences. For a family that’s traveling together, you might have to consider a number of things before deciding to stay in a hotel. Are you comfortable with staying in the hotel where you will encounter lots of people, crowded pools and packed beach areas? Are you okay if you need to stay in separate rooms if a single hotel room isn’t big enough to accommodate your whole family?

There are many reasons to stay at a Hawaii resort over a hotel, so if you prefer to stay in a more laid back accommodation where you can have the whole place to yourselves then you might want to consider staying in one of the top Maui beach house rentals where you get to enjoy a fun and relaxing stay. For this, Kahana Village in West Maui is the perfect place to book. This is among the most sought after oceanfront vacation house rentals as it provides a lot of wonderful resort amenities to its guests, and a great oceanfront view with sunset to boot! With 2 and 3 bedroom options, our beachfront villas with full kitchens at Kahana Village are perfect for families of all sizes.

Book Weekday Flights Early

When it comes to booking flights, you have to book your family’s tickets a few months early. It will also be ideal to book for weekday flights as they are typically cheaper compared to the  weekend ones. At the same time, there are usually fewer passengers during weekends. This way, you and your family won’t have to squeeze your way through a large crowd of people.

Pack Wisely

Bringing the whole family with you to Maui might mean a lot of bags to pack. Depending on how long you will be staying on the island, it might be best to properly plan your clothes and other contents of your luggage. While your beachfront vacation rental is outfitted with a washer and dryer, you should think about what other necessities you will need to have, especially if you have kids and toddlers with you or family members who will need to drink medication on time. For this, it’s a good idea to pack all important stuff in a carry-on bag. At the same time, make sure to have at least one change of clothes available for everyone, in case of unexpected spills or the like.

Not sure where to start when it comes to packing? Check out our ultimate Hawaii packing list to see what to pack for your Maui vacation!

Bring Snacks & Fun Activities

Apart from packing all of your necessities accordingly, it will also be a good idea to bring some things to keep your kids entertained. It can be a good idea to maintain a no-gadget policy throughout the trip since too many gadgets can also affect your kids’ mood. A good way to keep them entertained is to have snacks available for them to munch on, along with other activities that can keep them occupied during the travel. Depending on where you may be coming from, Maui can definitely be a long trip so be sure to prepare to keep your kids entertained and relaxed as much as possible.

Allow Plenty of Downtime

A long journey can be very tiring. In the same way, it will also be very tiring for your kids. If everyone is tired after the travel, you might want to allow the first 24-48 hours to rest, relax and just get your bearings. Maui might be a paradise but if you don’t have the energy to try the many cool activities this island offers, then you might want to just sit back and enjoy the scenery in the meantime. Once you and your kids have been sleeping better and are all fully recharged, you can start booking the whole family for some fun activities that are perfect for the whole family.

Plan Family-Friendly Activities

There are a lot of Maui activities for the whole family to enjoy! From picnicking at the beach and taking nature walks to surfing and snorkeling, you and your family will definitely have a lot of choices for more fun and fulfilling vacation. But given that you have your kids with you, you will have to go with activities that won’t be too challenging or too tiring for them to take on. If they get too tired, they might get cranky and will be difficult to deal with. So make this trip a healthy balance of relaxation and fun. It’s okay to let them try swimming, snorkeling or surfing if your kids are big enough for such activities. In fact, these are some of the best things to do in Maui with kids.

A Maui family vacation is the perfect time to bond and have fun with your kids and your loved ones. We hope these top Maui family vacation travel tips will help make the planning and your stay in paradise a fun and stressless adventure of a lifetime. We hope you decide to come stay with us in one of our 2 and 3 bedroom Kahana beach resort villas someday soon!


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