Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Plan A Hawaii Vacation

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Plan A Hawaii Vacation

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Plan A Hawaii Vacation

Feel like you need a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Hawaii might just be the solution. With its amazing tropical landscapes, warm and welcoming people, and the Maui restaurants serving wonderful food and drinks using only the freshest of ingredients, this island paradise is sure to quench your thirst for a much-needed rest and relaxation.

Whether you feel like escaping to paradise solo or with your friends or family, here are 8 top reasons you might need a vacation getaway to the majestic Hawaiian Islands.

Couple’s Retreat

Hawaii is one of the most amazing destinations for couples as it is the perfect paradise for you and your significant other to celebrate your love for one another. Apart from enjoying some alone time together, you can both enjoy a lot of fun Maui activities offered in these beautiful islands. And if you are wondering where to stay in Maui for your honeymoon, Kahana Village offers a number of beautiful and private accommodations that are perfect for couples of all ages.

Family Bonding

Has it been a while since the whole family went on a trip together? Then Hawaii is the perfect place for a stress-free Maui family vacation where you and your family can spend some quality time together. Whether your family is into lazing around and swimming at the beach, surfing and water sports, sailing, fishing, or trekking, Maui is a host to all these amazing activities and can be enjoyed by everyone in your family. Apart from the fun activities, there is also a selection of restaurants where the whole family can get together and enjoy some delicious meals, made with fresh, island-grown ingredients.

Soul Searching

There comes a time in one person’s life when you feel too immersed in work, chores, relationships or other stuff, that you tend to lose yourself. Sometimes, all it takes for you to rediscover the true you is by going for a trip all by yourself. Whether you prefer to just relax, de-stress, and just watch the sunset by the sea, Hawaii will provide. A little TLC on this wonderful location may just be the key for you to reconnect with your inner self and start loving and respecting who you truly are. The island also has a number of wellness centers and spa resorts that are perfect for people who need time to reflect and rejuvenate.

Surfing Safari

All surfers from all over the world know that some of the best surfing spots in the world can be found in Hawaii! In fact, there are two amazing surfing locations that any true-blue surfer would love to experience at least once in their lifetime: the gnarly waves of Jaws and Honolua Bay, Maui. You may just want to just visit and spectate at some of these amazing places, which is very fun too. Or maybe you’re ready to ride the waves in these top surf spots! If so, you can join some of the surfing safari packages being offered by surfing schools, wherein local surfers will accompany you and give you guidance on what to expect from these surfing destinations.


Having a baby, especially if it’s your first one is no walk in the park. And keeping that baby inside you healthy and growing takes a lot of stamina and discipline in both parents. This is why it only makes sense that you get some much-needed rest and relaxation before you welcome a new human being into your life. If you are looking for the best destination for a tropical retreat before you are traveling with a baby, then you might want to consider Hawaii! With its beautiful tropical landscapes, dazzling white sand beaches and crystal clear waterfalls, any mother-to-be will surely experience a blissful and relaxing vacation before giving birth to a new life into the world.

Tropical Trip with Your BFFs

Planning a summer trip with your closest friends? Why not go for a vacation in Hawaii? This tropical paradise boasts a wide selection of fun activities that you and your best friends will enjoy. You can go on a road trip, go hiking, surfing, fishing or just relax by the beach and watch the waves roll in and out of the shore. Spend some quiet time to talk with your buddies and reminisce on all of the good times you have all spent together through the years. Hawaii’s beautiful sunset can be the most beautiful witness to how you and your friends create some new memories to keep forever.

Gourmet Safari

If you are thinking about taking the ultimate food trip of all time, Hawaii is one of the most amazing places to do it. This gastronomic paradise offers a wide selection of Hawaiian culinary experiences of all levels. From home-cooked meals to mouth-watering cuisines prepared by Michelin starred restaurants, the island has a wide selection of food that you can feast on. You can also join some of the many luaus hosted from various resorts, wherein you can enjoy a mix of music, culture, and cuisine, all catered by the wonderful locals of Hawaii.

Scenic Hikes

There’s something invigorating about going for a nature hike. Not to mention, if you do it in one of the most amazing hiking trails in the world, then you are on your way to taking one of the most memorable treks of a lifetime. Two famous trails in Hawaii are included in the top 50 best hiking trails in the world: Kalalau and Muliwai. With breathtaking waterfalls, beautiful ocean views and lush tropical foliage, these trails in Hawaii are sure to give you some of the most amazing experiences.

With so many beautiful things on the island — the beaches, the people, the weather and nature, the island of Hawaii is the perfect place to pick for your next vacation. With its stunning beaches lined up with some of the most exquisite beach houses, you are sure to enjoy everything that this place has to offer. If you are looking for some of the most lovely vacation home rentals Maui has to offer, Kahana Village can provide you with the perfect accommodation during your stay.


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