Top Tips To Smooth Traveling – Hawaii Vacation & Beyond

Top Tips To Smooth Traveling – Hawaii Vacation & Beyond

Top Tips To Smooth Traveling – Hawaii Vacation & Beyond

Between crowded airports to the chaotic boarding procedures and the mad dash for overhead space, the flight before paradise can really make you wonder if it is all worth it. And while a Maui vacation is totally worth the journey to get here, we can sympathize with the struggles that come with traveling. Especially for those who are traveling to Hawaii with a baby or young children!

As one of the best places to stay in West Maui, we at Kahana Village aim to go beyond our Maui beachfront rentals and make sure that your vacation goes smoothly from start to finish. Check out our top tips to smooth traveling to Hawaii and beyond!

Download And Use Your Airline’s App

Gone are the days where you get to the airport only to find out that the check-in line is practically out the door and your flight has been delayed. We live in this time where you can download your airline’s app ahead of time to make sure your reservation details are in and everything is in order. You can check in easily through the app and if you don’t have to check in a bag, then it is pretty much smooth sailing to security. And with most airlines, you don’t even need to keep track of your paper ticket since you can just scan it during boarding right from your phone!

Check Real-Time Flight Status

And while having your airline’s app handy is great for keeping track of your ticket and travel itinerary, it is almost as important to track your flight status. If anything were to be delayed, changed, or canceled the first place that is most likely to be updated is the airline’s website. All you need to do is to enter the flight number into the flight tracker and you should have a real-time report of when your flight is scheduled to leave and if it is still on time. This could be especially helpful if you are traveling around the busy seasons like summer vacations and the holidays!

Getting Through Security Smoothly

Airport security is one of those love-hate relationships that people tend to have with traveling. While we are all grateful for the peace of mind that we are congregating in a relatively safe space, it doesn’t mean those long lines don’t suck.  For those looking for tips to lower anxiety for the nervous traveler or simply for a means to sail through one of the worst parts of traveling, take note of the following!

  • Investigate Security Speed – There are a few apps and websites out there that report just how quickly your particular airport’s security speed averages, which can be helpful when you are planning on how early you should arrive at the airport. Some even give the real-time wait, which is especially helpful when you are running a tad bit on the later end of your schedule!
  • Sign up for PreCheck Already – If you are traveling to Hawaii on a budget, this might be the one thing that you will willingly splurge on. There are few things as stressful as getting all your electronics, liquids, shoes, jackets on to the conveyer belt at the security checkpoint with a lengthy line of agitated people behind you. This is especially so when you not only have to worry about yourself but those little ones that you have in tow! Save yourself the stress and bite the bullet by signing up for TSA PreCheck, you will be thanking yourself with a refreshing Mai Tai for it!
  • Remember the liquid lowdown – Speaking of saving, save yourself the embarrassment of having TSA take away your beloved night cream and stick to putting your liquids in a 3-ounce container.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

You might be wondering how to pack for Hawaii and we want to remind you that what you wear for the trip is almost as important is the items that you bring along with you! The flight to the Hawaiian Islands is at least 5 hours depending on the location you are departing, which means that you are going to want to be comfortable. And on that same tune, you want to be sure to dress with layers as airplane cabin climate can range from an icebox to a toaster oven with unlikely chances it will be a comfortable setting in between!

Disinfect…Well, Everything!

It should come as no surprise that both airports and their airplanes are some of the germiest places that you will likely encounter. Due to the number of people passing through on a daily basis, it doesn’t hurt to be a little bit of a germophobe while traveling because nothing ruins a vacation more than getting sick! Be sure to pack hand sanitizer wipes (note they are not liquid, aka TSA friendly) and use them frequently, especially on the plane!

The list of tips to smooth traveling honestly could go on and on but these are our top five that will most likely have you kicking back before you even board the flight to your Hawaiian vacation! Have a few of your own? Pop by our Maui oceanfront hotel office and share some of your top tips to traveling. We look forward to having you become a part of the Kahana Village ohana!


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