Top Tips To Surviving The Hawaii Vacation Countdown

Top Tips To Surviving The Hawaii Vacation Countdown

Top Tips To Surviving The Hawaii Vacation Countdown

Vacation days approved?  Check. Roundtrip flights? Check. Rental car booked? Check. Oceanfront family vacation rental? Check. You have made all the necessary arrangements, even checked them twice, and now the only thing keeping you from enjoying a refreshing mai tai on the beach is time. Well, that and about a million other things you need to prep before you board that plane.

Let’s face it, the 24 hours before any trip comes with some anticipation and a touch of chaos. Especially when you are traveling to Hawaii with a baby or young kids. The packing lists come out, the house is seemingly messier than usual, and those pre-flight jitters are starting to settle in. And by jitters, we mean panic. The countdown to any holiday can become a nerve-racking experience and you might be wondering if a stress-free Maui family vacation is even a real thing. As your go-to guide to making your Hawaii vacation unforgettable, we have worked to put together some helpful travel tips to help your Maui getaway go as smoothly as possible.

Take a look at our top tips to surviving that vacation countdown!

First Things First, Breathe.

While it may not be a breath of fresh island air, take a deep breath and remember that there really is no right way to get through the 24-hour countdown. There are some people who tend to take the week before to calmly prep, while others wait until right down the wire (and sometimes not by choice). Whether you are an organized planner or simply someone in major need of some lounge time, the process really looks different for everyone and that is more than ok.

Find a Good Distraction.

School is out for summer and the thought of playing in the warm Hawaiian sunshine has probably got your little ones a little restless. In the midst of trying to get everything in order, the energized children running around might have you on edge. The best solution to unhinged kids is a good distraction. Whether it is a good book or possibly their favorite movie, whatever it is that will keep them occupied for a while – find it! Cutting back on the sugar might also be a helpful strategy.

Keep it Easy.

As you are making progress in packing for Hawaii, this might be the perfect time for those meals that have been stored away in your freezer or possibly even indulging in delivery! With the countdown clock ticking away and the to-do list only halfway done, who really wants to prep and cook a meal only to have to corral the family together for a sit-down dinner. So take another deep breath and order that pizza!

And when the clock strikes zero, you can rest a little easier knowing that you are well on your way to strolling along those warm white sands that fronts our Maui beachfront resort. Your vacation is waiting, we can’t wait to see you here!


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