Top Tips To Traveling to Hawaii With A Baby

Top Tips To Traveling to Hawaii With A Baby

Top Tips To Traveling to Hawaii With A Baby

From newlyweds to newly born parents, you are truly experiencing some of the happiest moments of your life! And while your little bundle of joy doesn’t necessarily hold you back from taking that summer vacation you have been waiting for, traveling with young kids can be a stressful ordeal.

As one of the best places to stay in Maui, Hawaii, we are dedicated to making your stay as relaxing as possible – from start to finish! We put together a few tips to help make traveling with a baby as relaxing as possible so that you can make your Hawaii vacation unforgettable.

Bring Two Cloth Diapers
Cloth diapers or covers are obviously not for everyone but they are waterproof and non-absorbent which are two great factors to have on hand while traveling. Blow-outs are not fun to begin with, especially when you are in a confined space like an airplane with only so much spare clothing on hand. By packing a cloth diaper in your carry-on bag, you can contain the mess by putting one over a disposable diaper until you are able to properly clean up.

Always Have a Spare Change of Clothes On Hand
If you have been wondering how to pack for Hawaii when traveling with a baby, we suggest to not only have a spare change of clothes for your little keiki (child) but also for you! Carsickness and airsickness are common amongst kids with parents as the usual targets. By having a spare change of clothing on hand packed within your carry-on, you can ensure that you won’t be wearing throw up to your final destination!

Pack Disinfectant Wipes into Your Carry-On
You don’t know (and you probably wouldn’t want to know) what happened in that seat or rental car prior to you sitting down. Those tray tables, for instance, have been used to change diapers when the line to the bathroom is down the aisle, so having some disinfectant wipes handy is definitely a must!

Keep Your Baby’s Immune System Development in Mind
On the topic of germs, it is important for you to remember that babies are more susceptible to pathogenic bacteria since their immune system is still in the developmental stages. With this in mind, in addition to disinfectant wipes, you will want to utilize a reputable infant probiotic that has been proven to crowd out those harmful bacteria and ensure proper immune system development of your baby!

Traveling, much like parenting, is constantly a learning experience and it really is all about the memories. Whether this is your first time to Hawaii with a small child or you are practically an expert, we would love to hear what tips you have to traveling with young kids! Book online with Kahana Village and share your experience with us today!


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