Top 10 Hawaii Travel Tips For Your Vacation This 2020

Top 10 Hawaii Travel Tips For Your Vacation This 2020

Top 10 Hawaii Travel Tips For Your Vacation This 2020

Planning a Hawaii vacation in 2020? The warm, tropical weather invites visitors who are looking to enjoy some fun island activities such as surfing, snorkeling, swimming, and so much more! And if this is your first time visiting Hawaii, here are our top 10 travel tips to help you organize your vacation plans this year.

Plan your trip ahead.

Maui is one of the top vacation getaway destinations around the world, especially during the holiday and summer seasons. For that reason alone, you can expect to find any of its islands filled with traveling families and honeymooners. But you should know that booking a trip to Hawaii can be pricey, especially if you start planning the last minute. Most airlines and travel companies offer sales and discounts to those who decide to book their trips early, and this is something that you might want to take advantage of to make the most of your travel budget!

If possible, schedule an off-season trip.

Maui is busiest during the months of December to mid-April as most tourists flock to this tropical paradise when the weather is at their worst elsewhere. If you have flexible travel dates and are hoping to enjoy paradise with fewer crowds along with better travel and airfare rates, book your trip during the last weeks of April, May, September, and October!

Wait for deals on airfare, accommodations and travel packages.

Another benefit of planning your Hawaii vacation in advance is the opportunity to take advantage of seasonal promotions run by major airlines and travel companies. Be on the lookout for airfare promos from Hawaiian Airlines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Allegiant, WestJet, as these companies frequently offer them through their websites!

Book your Maui lodging with a vacation condo resort.

There are a handful of significant differences between a resort vs a hotel but the key differences are the amount of space and the amenities. Hawaii vacation getaways like beachfront Kahana Village resort offers Maui oceanfront condos homes-away-from-home paired with extra luxuries like full kitchens, multiple bedrooms, in-unit washer/dryer and generally everything you would need to enjoy your stay! These West Maui accommodations offer the best of both worlds — conveniently located vacation lodging that is near historic Lahaina Town, Kaanapali resort area and a breathtaking beachside view with the sunset to feast your eyes on every late afternoon.

Be ready for emergencies.

Traveling to a different place is a fun and exciting experience. But you can’t always guarantee your or your baggage’s safety, wherever you may go around the world. Be sure to keep your important belongings with you at all times by carrying a small travel bag that can help you keep your money and travel documents secure. As a precaution, let someone close to you — a family, a relative or a friend — know where you are headed and what activities you are about to embark on during your visit in Hawaii. Keep your emergency contacts handy so that in case something unexpected happens, you can easily get help.

Bring tropical, comfortable clothes.

You should, of course, already know that Hawaii’s weather is mostly tropical. Daytime temperatures usually range from 75 to 90 degrees and at night, it’s around 70 to 80 degrees. If you decide to visit during the winter season, it can be colder at nighttime, with temperatures falling in the 50’s. If you are planning on experiencing as much as possible, be sure to pack for Hawaii with appropriate, casual clothing along with comfortable shoes, flip-flops, and sandals. And since you will be surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches, don’t forget to bring swimwear with you!

Check online reviews for the best spots in Hawaii.

For some of the best Maui restaurants, bars, and other must-see destinations in Hawaii, we suggest looking ahead of time for the type of things to do in Maui you might be interested in. You are sure to find some insights on which places you will surely enjoy visiting or what food and drink to try in what restaurant. And as an extra plus of being well informed, you won’t have to worry about having a negative experience by checking out locations that you are not familiar with.

Ask locals for recommendations.

Another great way of finding the best places to visit around the island is by asking the locals for their recommendations. If you want to enjoy Hawaii like a local, you can also hire a local travel guide to bring you to the top locations in the island you are visiting. Whether you are looking to surf in some of the less touristy beaches, trek the less-traveled hiking spots or taste some genuine places where locals eat, Maui residents are the best people to learn from.

Be respectful of Hawaiian people’s culture and customs.

Apart from enjoying the best experiences that nature has to offer in the islands of Hawaii, it’s also important that you understand how the Hawaiians value their culture and traditions. The people of Hawaii have various customs and traditions that you should be familiar with, especially if you want to have an immersive experience in Maui. Whether it’s the importance of accepting a lei, the true essence of the hula dance, entering houses barefoot, not bringing rocks or sand from beaches, respecting sacred sites, or driving with courtesy, these are things that are of great importance to the overall culture here in Hawaii. It only makes sense that visiting guests make an effort to understand these too!

Stay safe and enjoy it!

Apart from booking and preparing for your beachfront vacation and knowing the ways and customs of Hawaiians, two other essential things you should do is to stay safe at all times and to make the most of your travel to Hawaii. See to it that you follow suit on safety and security measures being implemented on the island you are visiting. When doing adventure sports such as surfing or mountain climbing, see to it that you wear the right gear to keep you safe.

No matter when you decide to plan your island escape, you will have a lot of things to enjoy and make your Hawaiian trip an unforgettable experience. Paradise is waiting, book online today and join the Kahana Village ohana!


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