Top Tips on How to Plan a Hawaii Vacation to Maui

Top Tips on How to Plan a Hawaii Vacation to Maui

Top Tips on How to Plan a Hawaii Vacation to Maui

It’s that time of the year again! Summer is right around the corner and you probably have been looking forward to taking time off from your busy schedule to have a laid-back, stress-free vacation with your significant other, your family or your friends, even if is just for a week or two. And where else can you spend an amazing time with your loved ones? No other than in tropical Maui beachfront condos in Hawaii of course!  With your very own piece of paradise, these West Maui beach house rentals boast a wide selection of activities that you can enjoy during your stay.

But before you can kick back and relax on a white sandy beach you will need to plan your Hawaii vacation. The idea might sound a bit overwhelming at first, but if you’d like to get the most out of your Hawaii vacation, here are some tips that will help you prepare for a worry-free vacation to paradise.

Plan Your Hawaii Vacation Ahead of Time

What’s important in planning your vacation to Maui is that you have every single detail of your travel properly coordinated for more convenient travel and stay. As they say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. And vacations are one of the things that you definitely wouldn’t want to fail in!

Not sure where to start and are looking for a beginners guide to a Hawaii vacation? From looking for where to stay in West Maui to filling your itinerary with exciting island activities, we here at Kahana Village have put together our top travel tips to help you best be prepared for the time of your life!

Have All Necessary Documents Prepared Early

If it’s going to be your first time out of your country or if you will need other specific documents to travel to Hawaii, apart from your passport, make sure that you prepare them all months before your target travel date. It’s definitely a wrong move to just cram all of your last minute document preps days or weeks before the travel because they may not be ready in time.

Consider Vacationing During Hawaii’s Off Season Months

Let’s face it. You are not the only person who’s thinking about visiting and experiencing the many awesome activities that are available in Maui. Thousands of tourists travel to the island, especially during the summer and winter months. From the months of June to mid-August and then from December to late-March, the island sees a spike of visitors, ranging from backpackers and honeymooners to families and groups. If you want to enjoy the island and avoid the crowds, you might want to consider visiting during the non-summer months.

Pack Light and Wisely

If you find yourself wondering how to pack for Hawaii, you might want to consider packing only the bare essentials. More often than not, we tend to overpack for a vacation and spend more time than one would care for trying to fit all the Hawaiian souvenirs in the luggage you came with. Especially if you are traveling with young kids! Make sure that you have a separate carry-on bag to carry only your essentials such as your money, cards, IDs, travel documents, medications (if any), and the like. This way, you can easily access these items anytime the need arises.

Book Airfares, Accommodations and Car Rentals In Advance

If you are booking and preparing your travel all on your own, you should make sure that you book everything in advance. Booking airfares, accommodations, and your logistics in advance can help you save some extra dollars, instead of having to book them last minute. And if you are thinking about renting a beautiful beachside condo during your stay, you should check out Kahana Village’s selection of rental condos and their breathtaking beachside views that will surely make your stay in Maui unforgettable.

Keep Your Logistics in Mind

When booking your accommodation, as well as the tours and activities you will be doing in Maui, think about the distance of all the places you will be going to around the island. Maui, being the largest island in Hawaii, spans at 727 square miles. So traveling from one end of the island to the other will still eat up your precious time.

But if you are staying in one of the condos at our Kahana Village beachfront resort, you will be just minutes away from some of the top destinations on the island such as the Black Rock Beach, Lahaina Banyan Court, Kapalua Coastal Trail, Kapalua Airport, and many other key areas on the island. If you plan on touring the whole island, you might want to consider renting a car or sign up for tours that offer pickup and drop-off services.

Choose Activities That Are Suitable to the People in Your Group

Depending on who you are bringing along with you, you might want to think about all the places you will be visiting, the restaurants you will be making reservations for, and the activities that you will be signing up for. If you have kids and elderly with you, you might want to consider booking for family-friendly activities and restaurants. Also, when visiting restaurants, check the people in your group if anyone has allergies for certain types of food. This way, you won’t be wasting money on bookings that you won’t be able to use.

Prepare For The Unexpected

You can’t always guarantee that everything in your vacation will go as planned. So if you ever encounter any problems, you should always have a backup plan and you should know who to contact and how. Make sure that you have your phone with you at all times. In case you lose your wallet or any necessary travel documents, you should know who to talk to and how to deal with this sort of situation. It’s best that you have a person to contact in case of emergencies. Know the numbers for the local police station, nearby hospital and any other authorities that you might need, especially if you are traveling with kids, elderlies or people with health conditions.

We all want to experience a stress-free, trouble-free vacation. This is why planning every single detail of your travel is essential. And if you need to contact someone in Maui who can provide you with topnotch accommodation that will make your Hawaii vacation a blast, contact Kahana Village and be one of the many other guests who have been delighted by our excellent service.


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