Travel Tips to Sleeping Better While on a Maui Vacation

Travel Tips to Sleeping Better While on a Maui Vacation

Travel Tips to Sleeping Better While on a Maui Vacation

Whether you are escaping the chill of winter or looking to get some Hawaiian sun during summer break, Maui is a place of relaxation amongst island adventures. Between jet lag and naps on the sandy shores, most travelers sleep schedule is sure to be a bit off the norm. They might even experience lack of sleep due to the disruption to their regular sleep patterns, which means less energy to explore. So if this sounds familiar on your Maui vacation or you are just looking to feel more rested while away on holiday we at Kahana Village have a few tips for you to keep in mind while traveling!

Adjust to Local Time ASAP
If you crossed a time zone, or two, it is incredibly tempting to find yourself a comfy bed and have a snooze the minute the plane wheels hit the tarmac. But instead, we suggest trying to adjust to the local time as quickly as you can! This means going to sleep when the rest of the area does, even if you are feeling a little wiped.

You will find that you will have an easier time adjusting to jet lag and actually sleeping better this way. When booking your flight, considering flying a red-eye and sightsee as much as possible on your first day. If you push through that initial urge to get some shut-eye, you will probably experience a great night sleep that first night at your destination. Ultimately the faster you adapt to your new time zone, the better you are setting yourself up for success for the remainder of your trip.

Avoid Long Naps
The best part about being on vacation is the opportunity to relax and get some much-needed rest, we get that! So if you have been looking forward to lying out midday and falling asleep to the waves gently crashing, try your best to make it a short one. It doesn’t take much to feel re-energized; 30 minutes or less can really do wonders. These little “cat naps” are just enough to have you feeling at ease here in Hawaii but won’t give you a difficult time when falling asleep when you need to.

Choose the Right Place to Stay
With the rustle of palms gently swaying and the sound of water in the distance, it is pretty hard to imagine that Maui wouldn’t be an ideal place to drift off to dreams in. But with the growth in development around the island, it is possible to come across a number of Maui lodging options undergoing renovations or that have construction nearby. Our Kahana Village vacation rentals make up a beachfront oasis that is not only private but quiet.

If restful sleep is an important part of your trip to fuel your excursions, you will probably find that drifting to sleep to the sound of the island is not a far-off dream. So book your island home away from home today and put these tips to the test on your next Maui getaway!


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