Top Tips to Lower Anxiety for the Nervous Traveler

Top Tips to Lower Anxiety for the Nervous Traveler

Top Tips to Lower Anxiety for the Nervous Traveler

Traveling typically brings out two different types of people: the ones who look at a flight as a time to catch up on their favorite book or television series, and then there are those who view that time up in the air as a means to an end. From the long security lines to the cramped space and the turbulence in between, if you think flying is the worst part of traveling…you are not alone!

While Kahana Village is here to provide you with the best place to stay in West Maui, we hope to help make your Hawaii vacation as unforgettable as possible from start to finish. So we have put together our top tips for staying safe and comfortable when traveling for nervous travelers.

Prepare Before You Fly

When it comes to packing for Hawaii and filling up your upcoming activity itinerary, we are sure that you have taken care of that well in advance. You have prepped for your Maui vacation but have you prepped yourself for the flight? If you are currently wishing that you could skip the whole airport experience while still arriving to your destination, preparing your headspace before the big day will have you feeling a little more at ease. Calming exercises like yoga and meditation are great ways to prep yourself for the flight that can be integrated into even the busiest of schedules!

Make Your Own Space

Personal space isn’t exactly something that is synonymous with flying, even if you are sitting in first class. If cramped places make you particularly nervous, we suggest making your own space! While that doesn’t include bumping elbows with the individuals on either side of you, bringing something familiar with you can make that assigned seat feel a lot more like yours – just make sure that it fits in a carryon. It could be a small figurine that holds significance with you, a novel you can get lost in, or even a blanket that reminds you of home!

Initiate a Conversation

If you are feeling a bit tired or planned a red-eye, we hope that you are able to squeeze in some shut-eye but if your nerves have you feeling a little wired, you shouldn’t have to suffer in silence! Whether it is mentioning your travel anxiety to the flight attendant or possibly a person near you, reaching out about your unease could lead to a surprising conversation. While the vast majority love traveling to different places around the world, the fear of flying is actually a fairly common occurrence. So you might just come across someone who understands what you are going through and can lend some new tips and tricks that help calm your nerves!

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