How The Hawaii Volcano Affects Your Maui Vacation

How The Hawaii Volcano Affects Your Maui Vacation

How The Hawaii Volcano Affects Your Maui Vacation

Laid out on a hot spot, the Hawaiian islands are still known to experience volcanic activity. You may have noticed in recent events that the Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii has a new flow and is still erupting. If you are now double thinking your summer vacation to Hawaii, we totally get it. With the news coverage posted just about everywhere, it really seems like a relaxing vacation in paradise is off the summer agenda.

But Kilauea has actually been erupting low-key since 1983 and despite fissures currently featuring lava, very few travelers will actually be affected. This is especially so here in West Maui. So before you hit that cancel button on your trip to Hawaii, find out how the volcano will actually affect your Maui vacation.

Cool Island Breezes
With no major disruptions to air travel caused by the volcano, getting to the island chain is as easy as ever. Simply pack your bags and hop on to your flight for destination Maui, you will be wandering the lush landscapes in no time! And for those of you who are a little nervous of the toxic air coming from the eruption, the atmospheric sulfur dioxide is contained to a 10 square mile remote area. This means that everyone else, resident and visitor alike, enjoy the cool island breezes that we have come to love!

Slowing Down Time
It must be something in the air, though we are sure it isn’t volcanic ash. Whether you are local, a seasoned visitor, or one of the newlyweds in between, you are sure to notice that everyone is seemingly on a different clock than the one on your wrist. Just about everyone is on “Hawaiian time”, which essentially means to slow down and take in the beauty that surrounds you. With the gently swaying trees and the salty ocean air, we invite you to roll down your car window to stop and enjoy this Maui moment.

New Adventures
While you may not be able to see the erupting volcano on the Big Island, Maui is made up of two very dormant ones. Experience a breathtaking sunrise from the top of Haleakala or hike into the West Maui Mountains, the possibilities are almost endless. For those traveling to Hawaii for a family vacation, there are a number of family-friendly activities and events to add to your itinerary!

If you caught our drift, the current eruption of Kilauea will have little to no influence on your time here in the Valley Isle and can actually offer an exciting tale to tell at home. Hawaii is still open for business, especially here at Kahana Village and is a safe place to travel to this summer. We hope to see you soon!



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