Holiday Travel Tips - Start Your Vacation Stress Free

Holiday Travel Tips – Start Your Vacation Stress Free

Holiday Travel Tips – Start Your Vacation Stress Free

As usual, the holiday season is a busy and celebrated time. Between the last-minute shopping to the lengthy security lines, we are sure that amongst the joy there is also some stress. For those of you who are looking to trade the chilled festive air for warm Hawaiian breezes, we have our top three traveling tips for you to keep in mind as you make your way to your Kahana Village vacation rental!

  1. Book Smart
    Depending on where you are departing, weather is the leading cause of flight delays and cancelations. And as the busiest travel season of the year, most flights are delayed due to planes absorbing the delays from other airports, planes, etc. So if at all possible, book smart and schedule the first flight out as the majority of these delays will occur later in the day. And if you can decrease the amount of layovers, you will be in an even better spot.
  2. Arrive Early
    This has been drilled into you since the first time you stepped foot on a plane but when it comes to Holiday traveling, we felt this bears an extra emphasis. It is rare to come across an airport during this time without bustling travelers and lengthy lines, so arrive 2-3 hours early with a little bit of patience packed into your carry-on.
  3. Be on the Offense, Not the Defense
    As we mentioned, weather puts many flights at risk for delays. So instead of showing up just to hear your plans have been changed, know before you go. Monitor your flights and the weather while waiting in line and take action if you run into any hiccups.

If you are having trouble figuring out how to pack for Hawaii, we suggest sticking on the lighter end of the spectrum and step right into the Hawaii lifestyle. So there you have it! These are just our quick suggestions but we also recommend checking out TSA’s travel tips for the busy holiday travel season. And if you are still searching for that perfect oceanfront home away from home, we here at Kahana Village offer a resort-like experience all with the comfort of home.


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