How to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint While Traveling to Hawaii

How to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint While Traveling to Hawaii

How to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint While Traveling to Hawaii

The lush, tropical landscapes paired with white sandy beaches are a large part of why people come back to visit Hawaii each year. And while footprints in the sand may wash away, your overall environmental impact as a traveler might not. So to help keep Hawaii the paradise that she is, we have put together a few helpful tips on how you can reduce your travel footprint this upcoming Maui vacation!

Build Good Lifestyle Habits

Whether you are boarding a plane to your Hawaiian getaway or driving home from work, it is important to develop good habits that can reduce your environmental impact. When you travel, whether it is local or across the ocean, research the recycling processes of your destination. Some areas even separate recycling by type, so it is good to pay attention to that as well!

Another great eco-friendly habit to develop is to carry your reusable water bottle along with you. This is an impactful way that you can reduce the plastic that makes their way to the landfill. A lot of places even have fill stations available; just make sure that the bottle is empty before you put it through airport security!

Eat Like A Local

Many Maui restaurants make it a point to source their ingredients as locally as possible on an island. This not only reduces the impact of imported food but it also supports small businesses and the local economy. So while it might be tempting to stick with the type of foods that you are familiar with, there truly is no better way to experience Hawaii than through the tasty food and drinks that this melting pot of cultures provides!

Treat Your Maui Lodging Like A True Home Away From Home

You wouldn’t leave the lights and air-conditioning on while you are out of the house, right? While your oceanfront condo for rent makes it feel like a vacation getaway, it is important to treat the space just like you would at home. Kahana Village vacation rentals are equipped with virtually everything you could need to experience Maui comfortably but the same rules apply when it comes to amenities as it would at home. It is the little things that can lead to big change, so by simply turning everything off when you leave for your island activities and air drying the beach towels you will probably use later that day you can making a difference.

The eco-friendly switches when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint while on vacation are seemingly endless but these are just a few travel tips to help you be the best traveler possible! We hope to see you enjoying the dramatic island sceneries and clean Maui beaches for years to come. Mahalo!


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