Getting Your Home Ready For Your Hawaii Vacation

Getting Your Home Ready For Your Hawaii Vacation

Getting Your Home Ready For Your Hawaii Vacation

From determining what to pack to adding island activities to your travel itinerary, so much time is put towards planning a Hawaii vacation to Maui that prepping the return home seems to slip the mind. And while your stay in our oceanfront vacation rental offers a much-needed escape, there will come a point where you will have to return to your home sweet home. Nothing will ruin the Hawaiian experience more than a homecoming met with an empty fridge, smelly garbage can, or worse…frozen pipes!

If you are hoping to avoid a messy return, check out these tips to preparing your home for your Maui vacation.

Take the time to tidy up and make your space welcoming.

The whole point of a Hawaii holiday getaway is to eventually return home and as we mentioned before, coming home to a funky smell is nothing short of disappointing. Be sure to clean out your fridge of any perishable foods and take the trash out!

Whether it is as simple as making your bed up with clean sheets and clearing your counter spaces or adding some easy fixes to the pantry for the travel weary’s first meal home, these little details make walking through your front door more like a welcome home and less like a big back to a reality check. You don’t necessarily need to deep clean your living spaces but straightening up can make your home so much more inviting after spending some time in paradise.

Lock up and consider some extra security measures to secure your home.

Whether you are planning on being away for just a week or a month, you don’t want your home to become a sitting duck for a potential break-in. In addition to securing your home by the usual tactics like closing windows and locking doors, it would be beneficial to program your lights to turn on and off in intervals that fit your usual schedule. You should also plan to have someone pick up or have the post office hold your mail for the time you are away to ensure that it isn’t accumulating since this is an indication for passing thieves that the house is empty.

Informing your neighbors of your plans can also be beneficial as they can lend a pair of eyes on your property. Leaving a copy of your travel information as well as a key can also be helpful in case of emergencies!

Switch it off and shut things down.

One of the best ways to be a more sustainable traveler is to make sure to switch off, unplug, and shut everything that isn’t necessary down. Not only does this help you leave a greener footprint but this prevents any utility mishaps and keeps you from running up your electric or water bills.

These are just a few travel tips that we have to prep your home for your Hawaii vacation that should be simple to implement. We know that the time before you arrive can be especially chaotic but it is important to us here at Kahana Village that your experience is as relaxing as possible – from start to finish!


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