Top Tips to Planning a Girl's Trip in Maui, Hawaii

Top Tips to Planning a Girl’s Trip in Maui, Hawaii

Top Tips to Planning a Girl’s Trip in Maui, Hawaii

A new year can bring exciting new memories, especially when there are coconut palms and white sandy beaches in the background. If you and your friends have been chatting about how fun it would be to get away, this is your sign to make that trip a reality! And here are some tips to help plan your girl’s trip to Maui!

Plan well in advance.

When it comes to coordinating group travel, it is incredibly helpful to start planning early. This not only allows everyone in your party to carve out the time for the trip but gives those on a budget the time to put the necessary money aside. And when it comes to budgets, it is important to have an honest conversation with each member of the traveling party to establish a target figure per person that matches each financial situation.

Planning your Hawaii vacation in advance also makes finding Maui lodging that is able to accommodate a larger party a lot easier. While some might opt for several hotel rooms, a beachfront resort can provide all the amenities along with more than enough space for everyone to stay as a group. A three-bedroom vacation rental, for example, typically can sleep 6-8 people comfortably and provides a space that everyone can enjoy together!

Keep the group small.

In order to make this more of an emotional bonding experience and to minimize any hiccups, it is best to keep your traveling party to just your core friend group. It is already difficult to make simple dinner plans with a large group of friends, so coordinating flights, activities, and temperaments can be incredibly intimidating.

To make this Hawaii vacation unforgettable in the best way possible, we suggest selecting a group of friends that mesh well together and have enough similar interests to spend a handful of days together. And if you feel guilty for leaving anyone out, just remember that there is no point in a vacation if you can’t have fun!

Do some research before you leave.

While having an unstructured itinerary can be a lot of fun, it never hurts to have an idea of what you and your friends might want to do. Doing a little research before the trip can actually make for a smooth vacation as a whole and it can even lead to experiences that you might not have thought of otherwise! And outside of things to do in Maui, if you are traveling with anyone with dietary restrictions having some go-to restaurants in your back pocket is a good way to be a thoughtful travel companion.

Be sure to make time for each other.

The whole point of a girl’s trip is to spend time together, right? So don’t get too caught up in all the excitement of a new place! Make sure to set aside some free time where you can raise some glasses together and enjoy each other’s presence. The best part of a vacation is not having your day to day obstacles, so this is the perfect opportunity to just talk and relax with some of your favorite people!

There is no right or wrong way to plan a Hawaiian vacation getaway, but these tips are sure to help make the process significantly smoother. We hope to host your next girls trip soon!


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