Molokini - A Snorkeling Destination

Molokini – A Snorkeling Destination

Molokini – A Snorkeling Destination

Were you ever interested in what lies below the surface of Maui’s surrounding waters? Luckily, Molokini crater is the perfect destination to see what the deep blue sea has in store for you! Take a boat ride about 3 miles off of Maui’s Southern coast and get ready to see 250 varieties of marine life living in the surrounding reef.

This crescent shaped crater was formed 230,000 years ago. According to Hawaiian legend, the fire goddess, Pele, and a beautiful female mo’o (gecko) were in love with the same man. Because of her jealous ways, Pele split the woman in two, the head being Puu Olai, which sits at Makena’s Big Beach, and the tail of the mo’o being Molokini. During World War II, the island was used as a bombing target for practice because of how its shape resembles that of a battleship. In 1977, the crater and 77 surrounding acres became a part of the Marine Life Conservation District and Bird Sanctuary.

The only way to reach Molokini is by boat. You can book reservations and take a boat from one of the four launching points on Maui: Ma’alaea Harbor, Kihei Boat Ramp, Lahaina Harbor, and Makena.

Once you reach the crater, get ready to be amazed by the life underneath the surface! The area within the crater is protected from harsh waves and currents because of its shape. The protected reef also attracts fish you wouldn’t  normally see off the coast of Maui. Snorkelers are free to explore the waters with depths up to 150 feet. Scuba divers can also go behind  Molokini with depths of up to 360 feet. Some tours also offer snuba diving, where instead of carrying a tank of air, air is transferred through long tubes that go from the raft to you. Also, snuba diving doesn’t require any certifications!

Stay with Kahana Village for your next vacation so you can put Molokini on the top of your bucket-list.  Molokini crater is one of the most popular snorkeling destinations. Don’t pass up this opportunity!


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