Honolua Bay - Prime Spot for Surfing & Snorkeling

Honolua Bay – Prime Spot for Surfing & Snorkeling

Honolua Bay – Prime Spot for Surfing & Snorkeling

Being that surfing is such a common hobby on Maui, surfers are always seeking out the perfect waves. Honolua Bay, on the far North side of Maui, a short distance from Kapalua, gives surfers what they’re looking for. The perfect curls and glassy shades of blue make Honolua Bay the place to be when in the mood to catch some waves. Take a short drive from your Kahana Village Rental to see what the West side ocean has to offer.

This may sound like paradise, but these waves are for expert surfers only! But don’t worry because visitors can also admire the waves and the surfers from either the rocky shoreline or atop the rocky cliffs that circle the Bay.

There are times where the waves aren’t rolling in at all. Instead of surfing, Honolua Bay visitors find themselves snorkeling or scuba diving. You can swim by the colorful coral, honu (Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle), and the variety of fish that makes the underwater areas so beautiful to look at. The farther out you go from the shoreline, the deeper and bluer the water gets, allowing scuba divers to enter a whole new world.

Before entering the bay, visitors must walk a short dirt path surrounded by hidden greenery.  A valley filled with tall trees, long green vines, and canopies of leaves provides the perfect place to hide away from sunlight. After walking through the trees and patches of green grass, you’ll see the shore of rocks and a cement boat ramp before the blue, spacious bay.

Honolua Bay, part of the Marine Life Conservation District, was commonly used by the Hawaiians as a harbor, represented by the name “Honolua,” meaning “twin harbors” in Hawaiian. In 1976, this bay was used to send off the first successful voyage of the Hokulea, a Polynesian voyaging canoe.

Honolua Bay holds a rich history and still has a special place in the hearts of the residents of Maui to this day. The bay offers so much, for those who want to catch a few waves or take in the sights of the coral and marine life. Visitors also enjoy watching surfers do their thing or walking through the greenery to snap a few pictures. Honolua Bay is the ideal place to connect with Maui’s ocean and all of its tropical features.


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