Maui Food Truck Spotlight: Thai Mee Up

Maui Food Truck Spotlight: Thai Mee Up

Maui Food Truck Spotlight: Thai Mee Up

The pandemic might have altered the way we view our life outdoors these days, but one thing that will never change is that we will always love good food. Here in Maui alone, we have a large selection of local restaurants and food trucks serving up some delicious and healthy meals that are sure to satisfy our cravings. But let us shine the spotlight on a rustic food truck that serves a selection of lovely, authentic Thai delicacies that are sure to keep you coming back for more: let’s check out Thai Mee Up.

One of the Best Food Trucks in Maui

Awarded as Best Food Truck on Maui in 2017, Thai Mee Up is owned and operated by Chef Tom Sribura, who was a chef from Mama’s Fish House for 20 years. Having been raised by his mother who hosted her own Thai cooking show in the 1990s, you can trust that Tom will cook for you some of the best Thai food available on the island. You will also find lots of 5-star reviews online from both locals and tourists who rave about the amazing meals they have tasted from Thai Mee Up.

Delicious Selection of Authentic Thai Fare

Thai Mee Up serves a variety of genuine Thai delicacies that will surely satiate your hunger. Each meal is made to order and is cooked using only the freshest, quality ingredients. You can also expect excellent customer service to go along with their mouthwatering Thai food at all times. Their menu includes some crowd favorites such as Pad Thai Chicken, Lemongrass Fried Chicken, Grilled Satay Chicken, Pad Thai Shrimp, and Fried Pork Ribs. They also serve Crispy Garlic Shrimp, Panang Chicken Curry, Green Curry Chicken or Shrimp, and Thai Iced Tea.

Daily Specials You Shouldn’t Miss

Apart from their regular menu items, Thai Mee Up is also known to have daily specials that are truly amazing and worth trying. Some of these daily specials include the Drunken Noodles Scallop, Grilled Lamb, Sauteed Salmon, Grilled Ahi, Steak and Lobster, and more. They post their daily specials on social media, so if you are always on the lookout for some authentic Thai food, make sure to check their social media pages.

Great Stop for Foodies

If you are thinking about eating out for a change after having been cooped up in your home for days, then Thai Mee Up’s picnic tables set up near their food truck are available for your outdoor food trip sessions. Thai Mee Up strictly enforces social distancing and their meals are always served hot and in to-go boxes. So whether you are a Maui local who would like to try something new or a tourist who’s looking for some delicious Thai meals, you’d better check out Thai Mee Up located at Haleakala Highway in Kahului, just across the street from Costco gas station. This food truck is super close to the airport, so there is no reason not to stop whether you’re just starting your Maui vacation or traveling back home!

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