7 of the Best Snorkeling Tour Operators in West Maui

7 of the Best Snorkeling Tour Operators in West Maui

7 of the Best Snorkeling Tour Operators in West Maui

When in Maui, one of the most important activities you should never miss out on is snorkeling. The beauty of the island of Maui goes beyond what you can see on land. Wait until you put on your snorkeling gear and take a glimpse at its beauty underwater. With its marine ecosystem brimming with life, you will find a whole new world under its crystal clear waters. So if you are thinking about snorkeling, you should visit these top snorkeling tour operators in West Maui.

1. Alii Nui Maui

Want to try snorkeling in Molokini or Turtle Point? Alii Nui Maui can provide the charter for you. They currently offer three snorkeling packages: Morning Snorkel Molokini One-Stop Sail, Morning Snorkel Sail Deluxe, and Afternoon Turtle Snorkel. Each package is inclusive of meals, drinks, swimming and snorkeling gears, and accessories, as well as transportation.

2. Maui Snorkeling

Maui Snorkeling offers all-inclusive snorkeling tours in Maui and Molokini all year long. All tours are inclusive of meals, drinks, snorkeling gear, and other water gears to make your snorkeling experience more fun and exciting. They offer morning snorkeling tours in Molokini and Turtle Town or afternoon snorkeling in Coral Gardens.

3. Shoreline Snorkel

If you want to try beach snorkeling and not have to ride a boat, you can check out Shoreline Snorkel. They offer four types of snorkel tours: Guided Beach Snorkel Tour, Three Beach Adventures – West Maui, Night Snorkel Adventure, and Snorkel 101 for first-timers. The Three Beach Adventure and Snorkel 101 are both private tours, while the two others are semi-private. Apart from their guided beach snorkel tours, Shoreline Snorkel also offers snorkel gear rentals.

4. The Magic Merman

The Magic Merman, a custom-built snorkel boat, is one fun way to complete your snorkeling experience. They offer two snorkel tour packages: West Maui Snorkeling Adventures and Afternoon Adventure Snorkel Tour. Both tours allow you to snorkel at two or more snorkeling spots in Maui. Packages include meals and non-alcoholic drinks.

5. Snorkel Bob

If you are looking for more selections of snorkeling tours, you should check out Snorkel Bob. Their Maui snorkel tour selections vary depending on the vessel that you choose to book. You can choose to ride aboard the Redline Rafting, Pride of Maui, Maui Magic, Seafire, Sail Maui, or Four Winds. You can choose a Molokini or Lanai trip, wherein you can enjoy snorkeling in at least two different snorkeling spots.

6. Kaanapali Ocean Adventures

Want to go snorkeling in Lanai? Then ride aboard the Sanity vessel through Kaanapali Ocean Adventures. Their half-day snorkel tours include continental breakfast for each guest. Apart from their snorkel tours, they also offer jet boat rides, whale watching tours, and private charters.

7. Molokini Maui

Another tour operator to check out for Molokini snorkel tours is Molokini Maui. They offer Morning Molokini Snorkel Tour and Afternoon Molokini or Coral Gardens Snorkel Tour. Each tour is inclusive of breakfast, lunch, snacks, and mai tais. They also offer snuba and scuba diving as well as dinner cruises.

So whether it’s your first time on the island or not, you’d better make the most of your trip by booking a snorkeling tour through one of these providers. To help make your Maui trip more relaxing and luxurious, book your accommodations at Kahana Village. Our luxury beachfront condo units are sure to make your Maui vacation an unforgettable one.


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