Why It's Important to Support Local Businesses in Maui, Hawaii

Why It’s Important to Support Local Businesses in Maui, Hawaii

Why It’s Important to Support Local Businesses in Maui, Hawaii

If you’re in Maui and you were asked to choose between a chain or a local business brand, which one would you go for? Would you be willing to stick to the local business or would you go for the world-renowned ones? Before you make a decision, here are seven top reasons why you should think twice and support a local Maui business.

Help build the local economy.

By supporting local businesses in Hawaii, the money you spend will more likely stay in the community. Many establishments are also supporting other local businesses in return. For example, most Maui restaurants in the area source their ingredients and take advantage of the services offered by other local businesses. Many of the local food and drink places support and promote local farmers, artisans, and suppliers, while large chain businesses, on the other hand, tend to acquire their resources from corporate suppliers.

Invest in the welfare of the community.

Many local entrepreneurs in Maui understand the importance of promoting the welfare of the community. In fact, a number of organizations are formed by these local entrepreneurs to help strengthen the economy of Maui. From promoting organic and locally grown products to offering sponsorships and scholarships to college students and aspiring entrepreneurs, many of Maui’s local organizations have been established to help support the welfare of the people, the ecosystem and the community of Maui.

Provide jobs for local people.

Another great thing about local businesses is that they get to provide employment opportunities to many of the Hawaiian locals. As more and more local businesses are put up in the area, locals get to have more opportunities for work. And for the purpose of convenience and better accessibility, most entrepreneurs would prefer to employ people who are from within the same area as the business.

Build and promote the community’s personality.

Maintaining the essence and vibe of Maui is very important, especially since this is what brings in more tourists into the area. Many local businesses tend to carry out and promote the beauty of the island as well as its laid-back atmosphere, and a number of these establishments have been around for decades. Preserving their uniqueness is important since it’s something that puts them and their community on the map. For example, Mama’s Fish House, which has been open since 1973, has preserved its classic flare and has constantly offered locally sourced fish as part of its daily menu.

Fosters close ties and a deep sense of community.

Many local businesses, especially those that have been around for a while consider their clients as more than just a source of income. They also build a strong sense of community with them, treating their frequent and loyal customers as a part of their extended family. Because most of these local entrepreneurs are also a part of the community where their business is in, they value the relationships that they build with their customers, most of which are their relatives, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. 

Have less of an environmental impact.

With more businesses available within the area of Maui, Hawaiian locals won’t have to travel far to get what they need. If visitors and residents have local businesses available to supply their needs there will be less environmental impact since there will be less need to drive far. A local can simply walk along the street and stop at their favorite shop or restaurant to buy what they need.

Supporting the growth of local businesses in your area offers more perks to you and your community in general. As Maui continues to be one of the top tourist destinations in the world, it makes perfect sense for Hawaiians to support and promote their own local brands to the tourists. And if you are a tourist who’s looking for a perfect gift to bring home to your family or a restaurant with a unique Hawaiian flair, go local. Support local businesses like Kahana Village and experience a genuine Hawaiian welcome that only a local accommodation and business can provide.


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