What to Wear in Hawaii: Exciting Outfits for Your Vacation

What to Wear in Hawaii: Exciting Outfits for Your Vacation

What to Wear in Hawaii: Exciting Outfits for Your Vacation

Whether you’re coming to Hawaii for a short vacation or settling there for good, you need to have the perfect outfit to match that cool and relaxed island vibe it exudes. The right outfit does not only mean you took packing for the vacation seriously, but it means big smiles, improved confidence, and fantastic vacation pictures.

When we talk about outfits to pack when going to Hawaii, we also need to think of the activities we plan to do there and the weather during our arrival and stay. You see, Hawaii is a must-see primarily because of its unique destinations and the long list of exhilarating activities you can do with family and friends. Its grand vacation homes and oceanfront vacation condos are captivating.

Island visitors like you can go on a glamorous shopping experience, enjoy the thrilling rides, relax on their stunning beaches, or simply enjoy the view from your Maui beachfront property.

What is the best style approach?

The truth of the matter is there is no single style approach that cuts across every plan. Instead, you need to plan your activities and choose your outfits according to these activities. For example, if you intend to bask under the glorious Hawaii sun before taking a dip in their wondrous beaches, it’s best to pack more swimwear. If you intend to trek, pack the right trekking gear.

What’s peculiar about Hawaii?

Hawaii is a chain of pacific islands with US territory. While there are many islands within the said chain, Oahu is the most popular because of its gigantic underground aquifers and enormous caverns filled with percolating freshwater through natural lava rock.

Hawaii is also one of the most preferred destinations all year long because of its temperate weather. Regardless of what month or season you drop by and visit, you can always expect to enjoy a chill, 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit weather. It has the perfect formula to entice tourists — cold Pacific waters and bright sunshine!

Why do vacation outfits matter?

There’s only one reason why Hawaii vacation outfits should be carefully thought of, and that’s to avoid feeling uncomfortable while you’re out there supposedly to have fun. When it gets hot, and you only bring winter clothes, it could get uncomfortable. The same is true when it’s cold, and all you have in your bag are summer clothes. To help you prepare your Hawaii ensemble, consider these outfit ideas.

What to Wear to a Luau

A Luau outfit is a must when you go to Hawaii. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Luau is a Polynesian traditional celebration where you enjoy a huge party filled with live music, food, and a whole lot of dancing. It’s during this event that you’ll see Hawaiians prepare kālua pig — a traditional staple dish cooked in an underground oven.

This fancy event is often held at a fancy Hawaiian resort or beach. It usually starts in the evening, and party-goers can expect to have fun with entertainment and drinks. So, what should you pack for the luau? A beautiful, flowy, and long maxi dress is perfect for this event.

Maxi dresses make the wearer stand out and are also great for taking amazing travel photos. Allow your dress to flow in the wind for some dimension and depth. Go for warm tones since most of the time, luaus are held by the jungle or beach where landscapes are greens or blues. A red or yellow maxi dress will contrast with the trees and oceans, allowing you to stand out effortlessly. As for your footwear, a set of flip-flops, beachy wedges, or heels would be perfect.

Take your hiking outfit

You could experience Hawaii at its best if you pass on its hiking trails. The next time you vacation to this island, remember to include hiking among your planned activities. And, of course, hiking won’t be as comfortable without your perfect hiking outfit. No matter where you land in Hawaii, you can easily find scenic and beautiful hiking spots.

Whether you’re hiking in December or June, you need to start with a sturdy old pair of hiking footwear. You can explore Tevas, Chocos, and other similar brands when shopping for your hiking sandals. They are perfect for all the walking and less extreme activities you’ll do on the island. However, if you want to commit to some hardcore hiking as soon as you get on the island, get yourself a sturdy pair of hiking boots. These boots will keep you going even if the trails are intense and exhilarating.

When it comes to the right hiking outfit, the most casual style is preferred. Think of a Hawaiian local — what they’re wearing is the perfect definition of ‘most casual.’ So, grab your sporty top and pair it with your best athletic shorts, as they’re the best outfit for that hiking trip.

For women, a crop top and pair of bicycle shorts will be fitting. But, if you’re not that confident in a daring crop top, you can trade it for a sports bra. You see, expect to meet locals and farmers as you trek. You can keep some modesty with this combo.

Don’t forget your water sport ensemble

There are plenty of water sports you can experience in Hawaii, so grab this chance by wearing the most appropriate and comfortable outfit. You can experience snorkeling with the sea turtles, cage diving in the company of sharks, and surfing through the waves.

It doesn’t matter if you’re snorkeling, parasailing, or simply enjoying all sorts of water sports; a one-piece swimsuit will allow you to enjoy all these. With one-piece swimwear, you don’t have to adjust your top or bottom constantly. You also don’t have to worry about your top flying off or your bikini getting ripped when these watersports get a bit tenser. Also, never forget your water shoes, as these can save you from getting hurt while stepping on volcanic rocks.

Never miss the chance to enjoy Hawaii and everything it could offer fully. Plan your trip ahead of time, research the activities you might want to enjoy, and choose what to wear in Hawaii accordingly. Going the extra mile in choosing the right wardrobe can save you from the inconvenience and unnecessary stress on your holiday getaway to paradise.


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