Things to Do in Maui - Road to Hana

Things to Do in Maui – Road to Hana

Things to Do in Maui – Road to Hana

“I survived the Road to Hana,” is a popular souvenir from Maui that you are sure to come across at some point. As one of the top things to see in Maui, the journey to Hana is truly a road trip you will not want to miss. With lush scenery and the occasional waterfall, your memory card is sure to be full of beautiful moments on this Maui adventure.

Some things to consider:

  • Leave early, and we mean early. There is nothing worse than getting stuck in morning traffic and if you are planning on just a day trip, we want you to get the most of the sunlight hours as possible.
  • Stop for snacks. Once you pass twin falls, it is just you and nature! There will not be many stops for food along the way, so unless you can make it to the Halfway to Hana stand we suggest stocking up on your favorite goodies!
  • Reserve a seat on a tour van. The road to Hana is a notorious windy road, so if you aren’t up for the challenge well no worries! There are a number of tour vans that would happily help you get to know East Maui. Do keep in mind that most tours have set agendas, so you might not get to spend as much time as you would like in certain locations.

There is a long list of places to see while on the Road to Hana, we have a few for you to consider!

  1. Keanae
    If you happened to forgot to pack some snacks and skipped breakfast in the excitement, take a small detour to the Keanae peninsula for some homemade banana bread. Locals rave about this banana bread and for some, it is the best part of the drive.
  2. Puaa Kaa State Wayside Park
    As the perfect place to stretch your legs and take a quick dip, this rest stop offers a short hike to a flowing waterfall with a freshwater pool. You will also find a bathroom and picnic area to refresh as well as refuel before getting back to your Hana adventure.
  3. Nahiku Marketplace
    If you are still on the hunt for the perfect gift from Maui, be sure to make some time to stop at the marketplace in Nahiku. This fun spot offers Hawaii made crafts and some great eats!
  4. Hamoa Beach
    Once you reach Hana, the adventure isn’t over. Warm up from the cool freshwater ponds in the Hawaiian sun at Hamoa Beach. Perfect for not only sunbathing but also swimming!
  5. Wailua Falls
    Just off the road is what is arguably the “perfect falls”! Just past the bridge will be spots to park and you might even come across some locals selling handmade crafts or food. This is our favorite way of rinsing off the salt from our skin and refresh for the drive back to your West Maui vacation rental.

While you could simply zip through this scenic road to your destination, we here at Kahana Village recommend choosing a few locations on the way to Hana and take your time exploring. So, will you survive the Road to Hana?


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