How to Take Advantage of Your Hawaii Vacation During COVID-19

How to Take Advantage of Your Hawaii Vacation During COVID-19

How to Take Advantage of Your Hawaii Vacation During COVID-19

If you feel like you need a break and have the opportunity to take a Maui vacation, here are some of the ways for you to make the most of your stay in paradise during COVID-19.

Avoid Crowds

One of the most important things to consider when spending your vacation time nowadays is social distancing. See to it that you are staying away from crowds and are aware of the surfaces that others may have touched. Keeping a safe distance from other people as much as possible is essential even while you travel. By following the social distancing protocol, you can keep yourself and other people safe from contracting the virus. 

Taking advantage of Hawaii resort amenities like the fully equipped kitchen of your 2 bedroom Maui condo is another way to help you avoid the crowds altogether and enjoy a tasty, home-cooked meal with a stunning Hawaii sunset painting pastel shades in the background. There are also a handful of safe things to do on your Maui vacation that will keep you occupied during your stay!

Go for Safe and Relaxing Activities

Another thing that you should keep in mind while on a Hawaii vacation getaway is relaxation. The main purpose of going on vacation is to take a break. Choose activities that will help you relax and unwind. A relaxing nature walk or spending a day at a quiet and not-so-crowded beach can also be a good way to keep your mind off of your work or any other things in life that may be stressing you out. And when in doubt, the beachfront pool and sandy shoreline of our West Maui vacation resort make for a great place to layout and enjoy the warm Hawaiian sunshine.

DIY a Spa Experience

Feel like going for a spa day on your vacation time? Why not have a DIY spa in your home sweet vacation home instead? This way, you won’t have to mingle with other people in a day spa and stay safe from the risks of COVID-19. Also, preparing your own spa experience gives you the opportunity to personalize it and create a unique experience that you can truly enjoy without having to leave the comforts of your oceanfront condo for rent.

Whether you are planning a lengthy vacation to Hawaii or possibly a staycation, these are just a few of the ways you can take advantage of your stay here!


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