Hawaii Vacation with your Baby or Traveling with a Toddler - Can you do it?

Hawaii Vacation with your Baby or Traveling with a Toddler – Can you do it?

Hawaii Vacation with your Baby or Traveling with a Toddler – Can you do it?

The first image that comes to mind for many travelers when vacationing in Hawaii is doing and thinking about nothing but decompressing. Sitting peacefully on the beachside in a lounge chair, breathing the crisp salty air, feeling the summer breeze against your skin with a refreshing drink in hand is often everyone’s dream of a perfect tropical getaway. However, not many tourists with a baby or toddler in tow could say the same because having one, even multiple kids, can be synonymous with chaos when tantrums come into play.

Planning a vacation with children can be a daunting task, especially for parents who already have a lot on their plate, so it often ends up being pushed to the back burner. Understandably, not all have the spare time to do that when you have kids. However, with the COVID-19 plaguing the world since early last year, getting your dream vacation may seem like a thing of the past.

Fear not, because we have listed some tips for parents who want to semi-escape the busy reality they have and enjoy a vacation in Maui, Hawaii, together with their little mini-mes, despite the ongoing pandemic.

Is it family-friendly?

Are you worried about relaxation going out of the window once your children join you in your little getaway or being enveloped with fear about catching the dreaded COVID-19 virus? Do not worry because one oceanfront vacation rental property in West Maui called Kahana Village had already thought of everything everyone might worry about during their stay in the famous family-friendly Hawaiian estate, even before the pandemic began.

Kahana Village features over 40 individually owned 1, 2, and 3 bedroom oceanfront vacation rentals that are perfect for couples, friends, and families alike who want to have a comfortable getaway that would be one for the books. Social distancing would be one of the things that you will not have to worry about because the entire vacation condo resort is spacious, and there is excellent air circulation because the space is not cramped up.

The property also offers a secluded beach that is a short walk away towards a quiet spot with little to no waves, making it an excellent place for everyone, especially for busy folks that need a home away from home with their kids.

Is it near famous tourist kid-friendly destinations?

Kahana Village is an hour and a half drive away from Haleakala National Park. Its “Every Kid in a Park (now famously known as Every Kid Outdoors) program” has recently been on families’ radar since entrance fees for those with 4th graders and below are free.

For adventurous parents who want to pass on their love and appreciation of nature to their babies, there really is no better way to experience the Haleakalā National Park than on your own two feet. For $25, you can already share many activities with your curious little ones, including hiking, visiting the summit, and looking out for Hawaiian geese called nēnē or Giant Silversword Plants called ahinahina.

While the opening hours have been decreased due to the ongoing pandemic, all hiking trails, wilderness campsites, and even the Hosmer Grove Campground were opened to ensure that all travelers will not be gathering in one place.

Where is the best place to get baby or toddler-friendly treats?

A Hawaiian tropical vacation is not complete without getting a shaved ice. Not all shaved ice is created equal, and true enough, Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice proved that they are the best among the rest.

With almost 4,000 reviews at TripAdvisor, they have received a 5-star rating and ranked as traveler’s choice for dessert. They cater to vegetarians, have sugar-free and gluten-free options, and have colorful shaved ice to entertain and cool down little kids during Hawaii’s intense summer heat.

The famous shaved ice updated their website, guaranteeing all customers that all of their shops will adhere to COVID-19 safe guidelines, focusing on protecting the health of its employees and the customers’ and the Maui community’s well-being.

Can babies or toddlers enjoy the beauty of the ocean as much as adults do?

While babies and toddlers are not allowed to scuba dive because of their age, Maui Ocean Center can fill in the gap by safely letting curious little ones explore what is beneath the ocean’s surface. With Maui Ocean Center being half an hour drive away from Kahana Village, the famous underwater observatory lets children be up close and personal with marine life, sans the risk of drowning. The aquarium caters to many different creatures such as sea turtles, octopuses, starfishes, stingrays, sharks, among others, leaving curious little minds entertained and stimulated beyond measure.

Do note that walk-in customers are no longer allowed and that you must buy tickets in advance to ensure that the COVID-19 guidelines are strictly met.

Suppose you do not want to go out for a car ride to experience these things or take any risks because of the pandemic. In that case, you can look out of your rented property, and who knows, you might find yourself lucky enough to even catch a glimpse of green sea turtles on Kahana Village’s secluded white sand beaches or even humpback whales playing in the ocean.

Is it near family-friendly shopping centers?

Kahana Village is an 8-minute drive away from Whalers Village, which is known for being a kid-friendly shopping and dining place for parents who want to cap off their ultimate Hawaiian vacation with a trip to stores for souvenir shopping and quality local food.

All parents know that most children do not have the patience to wait, especially when shopping is concerned. Luckily, the famous shopping center has a massive open-air playground where little ones can play. Mom or dad can take turns watching over the kids have the time of their lives in the kiddie area while the other shops to their heart’s content.

Guests must strictly wear masks at all times to ensure everyone’s safety from the COVID-19 pandemic.

With all the tips laid out for parents such as yourself to plan for your dream tropical vacation, plan your holiday with Kahana Village and experience the beauty and magic of the real Hawaiian getaway.


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