Get A Taste Of Maui Chef's Table

Get A Taste Of Maui Chef’s Table

Get A Taste Of Maui Chef’s Table

While watching the dancing palms in the cool ocean breeze and basking in the warm Hawaiian sunshine may lie just outside the steps of the perfect place to stay in Maui, we invite you to experience the Valley Isle from a different perspective – through your taste buds.

Maui Chef’s Table is a three-hour interactive evening that opens up the wall between the guests and the genius behind the meal. So enter the Maui Tropical Plantation into the rustic pavilion and take a seat at one of the communal tables. As dinner begins, watch the meal unfold right before your eyes as the kitchen is right there in the room. It is here, that you will have the opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts over delicious food and drinks!

From the refreshing cocktails to the multi-course menu, the evening’s chef tells a story through the locally sourced ingredients. The chef and host speak throughout the evening detailing the inspiration and farm where each course has come from. And as the sun fades the sky into intense shades of sunset, music will gently play in the background and the lively conversation will soon come to resemble resembles a memorable dinner party amongst good friends.

This innovative culinary experience brings an elegant twist to farm to table and touches your evening with a special type of aloha, making it a Maui memory that you simply cannot miss. To join in this unforgettable night, be sure to reserve your seat! Tickets to Maui Chef’s Table are $150 per person and that includes:

    The Food Menu of the Evening Without Substitutions

  • A Glass of Sparkling Wine
  • Bread Service
  • Gratuity for the Menu
  • A Cup of Coffee to End the Meal

At the end of the event, the only payment required will be for any additional beverages ordered and a bill will not be given if there are no additional purchases. It is important to mention that Maui Chef’s Table does not accommodate allergies or dietary restrictions, no outside alcohol is allowed, and only guests 11 years and older are able to attend.

And if you rather opt for a more intimate evening with your traveling party, the fully-equipped kitchen or onsite barbecue grill that is part of Kahana Village’s resort amenities where you can create your own island-inspired meal out on the large lanai.


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