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Maui Travel Guide Blog

Exciting Events to Look Out for in West Maui this 2020

The New Year has now rolled in and as always, a new year brings new and exciting adventures to both residents and visitors alike. More than just being a fun tropical Hawaii vacation getaway, Maui also hosts a variety of events and celebrations that are open to the public. If you are planning a Maui… continue reading

Getting Your Home Ready For Your Hawaii Vacation

From determining what to pack to adding island activities to your travel itinerary, so much time is put towards planning a Hawaii vacation to Maui that prepping the return home seems to slip the mind. And while your stay in our oceanfront vacation rental offers a much-needed escape, there will come a point where you… continue reading

Top 6 Amazing Sights to See in Maui, Hawaii

With its year-round beautiful weather, wonderful culture and amazing tropical sights, Maui can be the perfect vacation getaway you have been looking for. More than just its beautiful beaches, the island of Maui has a lot of unforgettable sights and experiences to offer. From nature parks and craters to a century-old tree and a town… continue reading

Maui Family Vacations – Tips to Traveling with Grandkids

With a lengthy list of shopping to get done, a handful of festive parties, and all the special moments in between, the holiday season can be a bit chaotic. If you are looking for a relaxing escape to unwind from all that bustle, a Hawaii vacation getaway might just do the trick! And if you… continue reading

Top 6 Things to Do in West Maui at Night

Being in Hawaii is more than just soaking up the sun. If you are in this tropical paradise, especially if you are in Maui, the fun doesn’t stop when the sun sets. So if you want to make the most of your vacation on the island, especially if you are in West Maui, here are… continue reading

Top Reasons to Visit Maui for the Holidays

Thinking about celebrating this year’s Christmas differently? Why not go on a tropical Maui vacation instead? Spending your holiday in paradise might just be the best gift that you can give your family as well as yourself. Here, you get to experience a variety of fun and relaxing activities that only this tropical paradise can… continue reading

Where to Stay in West Maui?

Whether you are looking for a fun-filled vacation getaway this holiday season or simply hoping to make some unforgettable memories, there is no question that Maui is the best vacation destination. And while South Maui happens to have a number of condos for rent, you will find that there are a handful of reasons to… continue reading

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