August 2019 - Kahana Village

Month: August 2019

Hawaii Travel Tips For Parents

Summer might be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean your summer vacation has to! With the Hawaiian sunshine warming the white sandy beach and the refreshing ocean waves gently crashing ashore, Hawaii is inviting you to make some precious memories. If you are hoping to squeeze one more family getaway in before the… continue reading

Bamboo Forest to Volcano, Maui Hawaii’s Best Hiking Trails

There are no questions that Maui is a paradise. It combines both the beauty of the clear ocean waters and the lush greeneries of the tropics. This is why the island of Maui is well-known around the world as a dream destination. The warmth of the people and the wonderful nature will welcome you as… continue reading

Top 9 Tips for Planning An Affordable Family Vacation in Maui

Planning a Maui vacation along with your family may sound daunting. If you aren’t used to organizing activities for a group of people and are not very familiar with the island, planning a family trip that is affordable and keeps everyone happy can be a huge challenge. But by making use of the power of… continue reading

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