April 2017 - Kahana Village

Month: April 2017

What a rush! Fly Above the Ka’anapali Coastline on Zipline

Soar high above the Pacific Ocean with zipline. At Kahana Village, you are conveniently close to Maui’s best zipline tour Skyline Eco Adventures. Father and son, Buck and Danny, started the first zipline in the United States after an inspirational trip to Costa Rica. In 2002, the slopes at Haleakala became the first commercial tour. Ka’anapali’s beach course… continue reading

Headed to Maui? Get to Know All About Lahaina Town!

Stay at Kahana Village and get to know Maui’s best. Lahaina is a historic town on the West side of Maui. In the early nineteenth century, from 1802 to 1850, Lahaina was the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii and a frequented whaling village. Today, Lahaina is the largest town on Maui with a thriving… continue reading

Maui Coffee Tastings

West Maui is the perfect place to stay when you’re visiting the island of Maui. Once the capital of the kingdom of Hawaii and home to the royals, today the area boasts some of the best surf on the island, outdoor activities, restaurants and shopping. Separated from the other half of the island by pali… continue reading

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