What to Know Before Visiting Maui

What to Know Before Visiting Maui

What to Know Before Visiting Maui

The flights are made, oceanfront vacation rental booked, and your bags are packed…well almost. Your Maui vacation is coming up sooner than you know it but before you zip up your suitcase, we have a little ike (knowledge) for you to add as your carry on.

What to expect before vacationing in Maui:

Adjust Your Clock
Though in the middle of the Pacific, the Hawaiian Island chain runs on the Hawaii-Aleutian time zone (UTC-10) and does not observe Daylight Savings Time. For those coming from the US mainland, you can expect to be 3 hours behind West Coast and 6 hours behind East Coast time during Daylight Savings.

Pack Casual and For the Season
There are few places on Maui where shorts and flip-flops simply won’t do. When packing for Hawaii, we suggest erring on the side of casual. Even in the finest restaurants, you will find that women don sundresses with sandals and men are outfitted in khakis and aloha print shirts.

Hawaii is located north of the equator meaning that the seasons will match the mainland US, although winter looks a little different than it does in the other 49 states! A Hawaiian winter is blessed with famous surfing swells and lush showers that offer different things to do than a typical island itinerary. With that in mind, be sure to pack some light yet warm clothing if you are traveling in the winter seasons.

Melting Pot of Cultures
With the plantation background of the Valley Isle came the melting pot of cultures that we see today! From the local food to the island events, Hawaii has evolved over time into the unique fusion of different cultures.

A Maui Vacation Only Seems Pricey
As the sweet spot between wild Kauai and modern Oahu, the island of Maui has a little bit of something for everyone. It is a common misconception that the perfect place to stay in paradise comes with a costly price tag but Kahana Village offers resort luxuries even for those on a budget. Drift off to the sound of gently crashing waves knowing that you are getting a deluxe experience without the price.

While you are encouraged to enjoy the ono (delicious) food and drink of Maui restaurants, we suggest taking advantage of the fully-equipped kitchen and stock up on some groceries. There are a number of local grocery stores and farmer’s markets that will inspire you to add the taste of the islands to your favorite dishes!

More Than Just Sandy Shores
While your island home from home lays steps from the white-sandy shores of West Maui, there are a number of exciting adventures and activities that are calling your name! From hiking one of the green mountain slopes to tackling the infamous Road to Hana, there is a tropical oasis for you to discover.

The list could go on and on but we figured we would leave the rest for you to explore yourself. The best part of a vacation is the mystery and the discovery, so start planning today!


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