May 2018 - Kahana Village

Month: May 2018

Hawaii Travel Tips for Traveling with Young Kids

School is out and long summer days are right around the corner! Family vacation season is almost here and in Hawaii, visitors and residents alike are already enjoying the warm Hawaiian sunshine and the cool ocean water. Maui has a little bit of something for everyone, even those with toddlers in tow. So if you… continue reading

Is It Safe to Travel to Hawaii?

With the lush, green landscape that is seen throughout the Island chain, it is easy to forget that Hawaii lies on top of a volcanic hot spot. Except of course if you are on the Big Island. Kilauea volcano on Hawaii Island has been continuously active since 1983 and as one of the state’s more… continue reading

Work from Maui, Hawaii

It is frequently warned that mixing business with pleasure generally leads to problems but the Hawaii Tourism United States, contracted by the Hawaii Tourism Authority for mainland marketing, is actually encouraging you to do just that. The island of Maui is no stranger to corporate retreats that aim to increase productivity as well as creativity… continue reading

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